Life is precious, take Care

By Akol Arop Akol

We cannot define the real meaning of life because we take and live it differently. Some people have tasted its sweetness while some got it soar. Imagine if people know the real meaning of life, they cannot hang themselves; they cannot do suicide with guns or knives. This shows that some people with shallow minds and shortage of God’s Glory see life as something simple and as a temptation.

Life is not a joke to play with. No matter how complicated it becomes, or how other people try to destroy it, we must take it serious as a blessing. It is the most precious and expensive gift that is given only once on Earth, here one must use it as a priority and divine gift that is given freely to be lived according to the expectations of God.

There is nothing precious, sweeter or more enjoyable than living. Your life is a treasurable gift from God, a gift that you cannot pay but once you use it for your own sake, God the Maker will hold you responsible. It is a gift that is given to show the image and Goodness of God.  

Those who do think life meaningless are hopeless, it is because they have not got what they want.

They failed to become rich, and then they think they were not made to prosper in this World. Some are god-centered and believe only a deity can help them but indeed the Great God is responsible for all good things in this World.  Others attribute to a soul-centered view, thinking something of us (spirit) would continue beyond our lives, an essence after physical existence, which gives life a meaning. That is to mean, people get life meaningful because they know there will be life after death.

A meaningful life is one in which there has satisfactory desire and ambition and personal values that enable one to succeed, on the other hand; a meaningless life is one in which there is no hope, will and hard work for the future. It is therefore up to us to hope or loss hope. Don’t be unhappy if your path is difficult.

However, life is not a mistake, even though some of us were born outside or inside unrecognized marriages, life is put in each as a gift.  God has plans for each and every one that comes into the World. They grow up and live for the Glory of God. As a human being, God has an assignment that needs to be done.

Why would we loss hope? There is no examination that is easy but if you have read, you will able to answer the questions. The one you failed to answer should not let you lost hope. Be stronger and work harder in order to live a happy life.  Understand life as an opportunity to live. It is a mission to complete and get a reward from the Sender.

While you are able to breath by God’s Glory, it is your opportunity to make life better by yourself. Tell the World who created you is great. Tell the World that the part of this mission of life is love and peace to all creatures. Try to smile and make others happy. So don’t miss this. It is lived only once. Be happy that you have got one. You never know what will happen next. So enjoy little-little things in your life, because one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things that you missed. Life has so many things, people and materials that will please you. Be happy that you have got one.

In case you are unlucky, live faithfully for you never know what will happen next. Maybe tomorrow is your turn for fortune.  So enjoy little-little things in your life, appreciate friends for sharing life with you and thank parents and relatives for supporting you in all ways. Don’t be greedy for bigger things. Live on the little grains in your store, seek help from the few people sharing life with you because one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things that you missed.

Expecting too much sometimes leads failure. World will bring you down to your knees. It will throw you back to Zero level. Stand up and beat your chest, a man never surrenders. Forget the past that went wrong and don’t worry of tomorrow events, by Grace of God you will be successful and happy through the journey of life. Believe that difficult roads often lead to expected destination. There are enemies who hate to see others living, and there also deadly disease. It is your role to protect life for God. It is precious but once you lost it, there is nowhere you will find in this World.  Take care.

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