Life is not against you

By Ngor Khot Garang

One morning I just woke up and looked at my to-do list and there in bold letters was “Prayer” which is one of my first morning routines before books and writing. I don’t miss prayer even when I’m sick because it is one of the tools I use to reach God when I’m desperately in need of something though God sometimes take long to answer people’s prayers, I still find prayer as a powerful tool to connect the dots but this time, something was shaking me violently and my heart was beating as if I have been chased by a beast.

Though this feeling of fear need prayers, I did not give it a second thought, so I got out of the bed and found myself dressed and though I was not sure about where I was heading to, I was fully aware of the fact that the struggle to get a meal still await me and I must be on my feet to resist even when the blows are hard. So I had to do something and this wasn’t going to be easy. In this world, if you want to get something done you must be prepared to receive heavy blows from life and this thought again brought me to my knees.

I was completely stressed and didn’t know how to start my day but the biggest worries of my day was what the future holds in store for me. “Will I really make it or is there something out there to hope for?” I asked myself and I came to understand the reason why most people commit suicide. I was now in this dungeon and didn’t know how to get out because I want to still live my life though it was hard.

But something in me was telling me that there was nothing good to live for and I decided that ending my life would be the only way out. “Why did God in the first place waste his resources that should have been used to create a better person not me?” I asked again and this time, I was already on my heel to town to look for my deadly bread and before I reached the main road I heard a frightening sound of an ambulance with mourners in different cars singing sorrowful songs.

This was not something new. Ambulances have always been passing here but this one was different from the rest because the person in the ambulance was young and I shivered. I was now aware of the fact that this world is our temporary home and we don’t get second chance. Whatever kind of minute we spend on this earth will never come for the second time and this is to say that our time on this earth is limited you are blessed when you are still alive no matter what you are going through or what you face on daily basis because not everyone is lucky.

You may be poor and everything could be a struggle but the best part of your story is that you are still there and this means that you deserve the best in this life. No matter how hard things appear to be, you have to know that you are one of the lucky few who are still struggling to find their purpose and the reason for which they were created.

Sometimes and it is very common to most of us when life begins to prove its cruelty we begin to feel ashamed ourselves and hitting the give up button becomes the last resort but this wrong because each one of us has a story to tell and when you can’t figure out why things always difficult with you. It is good to know that it is not you alone in the journey.

You will never understand this because you are alone in the journey but believe there are millions of people outside there who have got worse or similar stories than or like you do but they have not given up. Some do go to bed without hopes of getting up in the morning. Many wonder where their school fees or next meals would come and thousands others who are living in refugees without hopes of coming home simply because the home is always on the run. This should remind us that we are not alone in whatever kind of difficulty we find ourselves and it is not the end of the world. However, there is even need to appreciate those moments of hardships because without them, we are completely nothing. A true human must always appreciate hardships because this is where we find our purpose and the reason why we are here.       

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