Life in Uganda not easy-Artist

Super Nzinzi a South Sudanese upcoming artist living in Kampala, Ugandan (photo by Gaaniko Samson Jerry)

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry in Kampala    

South Sudan artist living in Kampala has called on fellow citizens to work hard in order to manage the life in Uganda.

Kubako James with his stage name Super Nzinzi born of Yambio said life in Uganda does not tolerate laziness. Super Nzinzi has been doing music in Uganda for the last five years.

He has recently released a new album that is hitting in Kampala.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Nzinzi said that life in Kampala needs one to stand tall to earn a living. He said doing music, tailoring and working in Queens Classic Restaurant as a waiter are the jobs making him survive in Uganda.

Super Nzinzi said he had released a song entitled “Coming back home” to remind all South Sudanese who are living outside the country to go back home.

“I also want to develop my talent so that when I go back home I will be a man of my own,” he said.

The artist said he wanted to be like Dr. Jose Chameleon, Late AK 47 and Eddy Kenzo.

He said his staying in Uganda was to acquire more skills from the Ugandan artists so that he would use it to change music industry in South Sudan. Nzinzi has recently released a new song entitled “One nation” that talks about tribalism.

“We have to step out from the issues of tribalism and unite as one nation so that we can stay in a peaceful country,” he said.

According to the artist, he was aiming at achieving big goals in the music industry and as well to advice the youth of South Sudan to be resilient.

Nzinzi added that people of South Sudan should love one another for peace be realized in the country.




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