Letter to Nyalong’s Parents

By Akol Arop Akol

Dear mother and father or relative of Miss Nyalong, I know giving birth and raising a child is either the most cherished or the worst responsibility for the parents in every home or society. Today that the child of your own womb has brought world’s attention on you, how do you feel?

There is no difference between you and other modern celebrities. A smile could be on your face or an everlasting joy is imprinted in your heart. It is a credit to you. Have a pride, happiness and success has already come.

Wealth is not new to you because you have been having your herd of cattle as your daughter has been looking after in camp (tosh). You have not corrupted, you have not cheated, and you have not confiscated this wealth. It is fair, rightful and entitled to achieve as the father. Just like a business person selling his cloth, the admirers would come with their prices and the lucky one with a heavy wallet would buy.

Everyone can create and tell a story in life. Your daughter is the topic, the song and the most famous female of our times in this city called Juba as well as your big dowry has increased your popularity and respect in your community in Awerial.

I hope you are contented with the cows, cars and money! I don’t know what was your mood when the picture of your daughter captured around the tukul (or your house) spread around the towns of South Sudan and attracted more attentions.

Thank God who gave her that great height and other good qualities? You gave birth to her but didn’t design the bones that made her taller comparatively. I could see how those men were looking short like standing under tree or an aerial (Shabbaka). Congratulations for taking care of her when she was young until she has become a public figure and a symbol of hope to other young girls to believe in their beauty that one day they would be married like her.

I know in your culture, the dowry is shared among the relatives. The uncles and aunties will ask for what belongs to them but does it mean the five hundred cows, V8s and money will completely be divided?

I think in some years back, girls’ parents were given only 30 to 50 cows as dowry. Even if expensive, it would never go beyond 100 cows.

Now that you owned hug dowry, you need to wisely manage it well. Should you give them to relatives or take them to cattle camp to reproduce and multiply?

That dowry is satisfying and if I were you I would cook my mind and do something wonderful. Remember, the eyes of the community; the country and other world’s nations are on you because they have already got the news but if nothing is done by you, they would be disappointed. You need to let the world know forever what your precious daughter Nyalong has brought to you.

I wish you don’t take the cows to the camp where cattle-rustling is practiced. I wish you don’t use the dollars for buying more cows. Don’t ever keep it in the bank.

Indeed, you may have plans right now but let me also give some suggestions to help you in one way or another. If I were you, I would use the wealth for innovating new helpful and beneficial programs.

You may want to give every relative a cow or money but they would get over and they would no longer remember you or daughter. I would take the dollars and construct a beautiful school and name it ‘Nyalong primary or secondary school.’ See, Schools are few in Awerial and if you take this idea and open a school, the children of your community would go to school to learn and get transformation through education which would make them successful and be change-agents in future.

That learning institutions (schools) would be remembered for many years to come and when students would be told that the father of the most expensive lady in South Sudan used the dowry to build the school; they would give praises. Her children would one time go and study there, which would make them feel proud and joyful.

If I were you, I would give few cows to relatives and sell the rest. Why, because if you keep them all, you may face a lot of problems of land, pasture, water, disease and herdsmen to look after them.

So it is better to take half for sale and you would use that money for other purposes. As cattle rearing and crop growing go together, I suggest you purchase tools and crops and do large scale agricultural planting or cultivation.

You would be able to produce enough food for your family as well as you would give one hand to the country. When your agricultural activities get extended, you would have a big market and after that you would set up companies. What have you done, you have then raised the name of your daughter.

If I were you, I would create an initiative to educate young girls and call it “Nyalong Foundation.” For example, set up an organization to mobilize girls to go to school or local programs where they would be taught in local areas to be aware of their future. This would encourage them to protect themselves until matured age were marriage is legal. Your wealth could change your community in many ways if you really want to let them share with you.

If I were you, I would remain with one V8 and sell the two out together with some cows and then buy buses to be used for transport. Therefore, your company would help the civil population in travelling on land as boarding a plane is too hard to afford and on the other side; you are earning fatigue and more wealth. You could use the buses for internal transport such as (Taxes) within the city here and earn more money.

You know that your daughter has been given a title called “MISS’’ even if she didn’t compete in a beauty contest. Many ladies beautified themselves to be crowned Queens or MISS South Sudan but only few would make it to that level.

But surprisingly Nyalong jumped from the tree into a plane. If I were you, I would make a modeling program and name it ‘’Miss Nyalong Modeling’’ which would bring up more young girls who have passion for modeling to show their beauty. If you open such kinds in Awerial or Juba, you would likely raise someone who would represent the country Worldwide in beauty contest.

If I were you, I would buy 20 goats and give them to the social media like the runners of blogs, Facebook pages and vulnerable ones that spread the news across the country or worldwide on internet. They have done credible work because if not for them, your daughter could have not been known. Or gather them in a small occasion to share jubilation and give the applauses.

All in all, anything you would do is to show appreciation to what Nyalong has brought today. It would be like writing her lovely name in the Sky such that every generation would remember her and get inspired.

One human being could be a lesson and a blessing to many. Just like how God sent His son for all mankind, maybe Nyalong is given a unique gift to be a role model to others that would follow her. And as her father, you have begotten uneasy human who have raised the value of other fellow girls.

She is a gift for you. Indeed, you have spent resources on her and hoped that she would one day pay you back with dowry, which has been fulfilled today. Maybe God is testing to see how you would use that wealth in a right way.

As your writing-son, I am encouraging you to decorate the legacy of your daughter by doing one of the mentioned ideas and if you have other better plans already, then congratulations!! May God bless you more for nourishing Nyalong’s life until today she becomes a source of motivation and inspiration in our generation. God would enable you live long to see her grandchildren.


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