Letter to future generations and children (Part 3)

By Ngor Khot Garang

I have a lot of things in my mind to write only if time would allow me to do so. I can’t just sit down and watch your world ripping apart. There are certain things we have turned blind eyes on and paid deaf ears to. The schools, health care systems and roads are debilitating and you are the potential victims. If you don’t make concrete actions, it would be even worse than ours.

Some of the people dead and alive have always tried their best to make some special arrangements for you but because they were few in number and had limited resources, they gave up and followed their own dreams because this is what everyone is doing here. It is a bitter truth and I hate sugarcoating. Little ones, no body love you and this one was evidenced by the recent civil wars in the country.

If we had some love for you, we would have settle down, work together as one family to develop the little we have and plan for your future but now you have to chart your own future. It was those who fought for the separation from the then Sudan who had some love for you.

The liberation struggle and all the heroes and heroines who laid down their precious lives did that for your well-being so that you have a better and safer world free from war, diseases and discrimination but it seemed like we have forgotten that and to be sincere, we have completely forgotten you and your future hangs in the balance.

The question of our day is how you will manage to fix the world that is destroyed by people who should have made it a more better and peaceful place for you. Some of us here regret the things they have not done to improve the standard of your world while others just watch without questions and I am sorry to tell you that a very hard battle await you and you have to be prepared to face the result , it is either you win or loss.

But why must you loss the fight? If you give in, the generation coming behind you will suffer the same way you will suffer the consequences of our wrong deeds. If there is one thing I will tell you, it is to change the story of this country forever. There are many battles that you will have to fight to do that and if you are really determined to unleash the real South Sudan we want, nothing will stop you from winning these fights.

One of the hard battles you will get to start with is a fight against corruption, it is one of the dangerous vices and it has made many people poor. If you will do away with this barrier, a better South Sudan would be possible.

Another is a fight against tribalism, we have completely failed to deal with this vice and it is one of the worse barriers to national development. It causes people to hate themselves. If you can do away with tribalism, your world would be a better place. The decisions you will make for your tomorrow would grant you a lifetime of success and the overall development of this country.   

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