Let’s Unite

By Akol Arop Akol

We have cried because of conflicts and its negative results on our lives and talked of unity for years, and here again I remind you to have spirit of peace, love and togetherness in you. When we cry, let that be tears of joy but sorrow. When you hear a voice calling for peace, open your ears and follow the direction. The peace we have lost and had been looking for years is coming as the government is politically finding solutions and civilians also positively adding contributions. Unity is the way forward, a road to paradise of lasting peace and a better South Sudan where everyone is free, satisfied and happy in life. Peace must be worked for, searched and agreed. That’s a role of each and every one, by making sure we don’t speak trashy words that escalate hate among us and bring division of gender, communities or states; all these must not be tolerated.

Differences were there between God and Angel that rebelled against Him and today known as Lucifer the father of all devils. The same evil spirit that caused separation is in the heart of mankind and particularly in those who enrich, empower and promote themselves using people and their resources. The people who carry traits of love for power and greatness are among us or within communities with their shortcuts to power which they misuse to abuse, exploit, oppress and divide their people.

I encourage you my people not to listen to people who divide you. A brother who tells you to stop associating with your neighbors is an enemy. Better prefer a true friend who accepts you the way you are but not judging your background. Accept a friend who introduces you to know things or people you didn’t know and unite with them.

Let’s fight hatred and division among us by ignoring rumors that are circulated on social media or on streets about other people. When no one or a community did you wrong, be a free man or woman and distant yourself from gossiping. We are humans in the World and South Sudanese in this country, one doesn’t own the whole country but deserve a portion of it.  Indeed, you have your right to complain when oppressed and falsely accused, you have the right when someone takes your belongings such as land or money by force but let your response be peaceful, right and legally followed up to final solution. It is eminent that some of us take everything tribal and sectional. Issues such as Land grabbing, corruption of public money or holding power are misunderstood by certain people. That mindset will not hold us but divides us and country affairs. If we are educated, we must think clearly and honestly about things that happened to us but never think on the line of “that man is from there and am not from there.” If we think we are poorly-educated, then let’s prioritize education, to go to school and get knowledge because that’s the only fair power that you can differentiate wrong and right.

Educated people judge the mindset but illiterates are easy to judge based on where you come from or people you are related to. The reality not understood is that your parents/community might be bad but that doesn’t conclude your definitions. You and I are humans who deserve equal rights. The actions or words of other people must not generalize us. When they want us to divide and fight, say no, your life matters. Our unity and Nation matters.

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