Let’s unite and wok for peace

By Manyang Awech

We shall never restore peace if we don’t cease tribalism. One root can’t make a plant to stand firm, unless we stop this issue of saying that we are from thus tribe or that and so on.

Peace can be restored in South Sudan only if we are united as a nation. We are all South Sudanese but why do we segregate each other? Let’s cease ideology of belonging to a particular tribe because that’s what is killing us.

South Sudan is a country rich, a fertile land full of mineral resources like oil (petroleum), gold, uranium, and many others. Perhaps it is the richest country in term of having mineral resources in Africa if I can guess so.

South Sudan is the most undeveloped and one of the countries affected by famine. It is undeveloped because it just gained the independence some few years back, but why is famine escalating while agriculture is possible to be carried out?

Is it because our government does not utilise the minerals (resources) wisely or what? The government has not forgotten the people but it is because we haven’t given it a chance to focus on utilising the mineral resources to develop and offer humanitarian assistance to the areas affected by famine.

Every moment it’s focusing on terminating the ongoing conflicts we are in today. Let’s terminate conflicts and grant the government a chance to flourish the nation and end the torment.

Let’s sing songs of unity and peace to fascinate those who are engaged in maiming and killing of innocent men and women to abandon conflicts and join us in implementation of the peace agreement.

Enough is enough, let’s arbitrate disputes, forgive each other, forget the past and open new chapters as His Excellency President Salva Kiir said some time back.

Let’s work together to bring lasting peace by ending the conflict in our county.  Let’s support the government in bringing peace in South Sudan and we shall all enjoy the fruits of peace and unity in our motherland.


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