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Let’s embrace Peace with Joy

By Anna Nimiriano

These days government has been inviting people of South Sudan to participate in peace celebration, which, I believe, we are all aware, is slated for Wednesday October 31st instead of 30th as previously stated. The organizing committee made the changes as they demanded for ample time in order to complete their works.  According to the information going on in the media, the celebration is going to take place at freedom square at 10: am.  Therefore, government is doing general cleaning, decorating roads, particularly the main roads and roundabouts within Juba City. All this activity is aimed at giving Juba City a facelift environmentally, a as sign of good preparation to celebrate peace.

The cleaning is not only environmentally, for instance, roads, but also the citizens of South Sudan should clean their hearts too for the celebration, so that they open new chapters to embrace peace.  However, every citizen still has some hours to do so if you are a dedicated person to peace. Cleanliness also is tantamount to forgiveness, so forgive before you embrace peace totally.

For example, if you are angry with somebody, you need to wish him or her bad things to happen; you need to forgive so that you clean your hearts. Forgiveness should continue, not only for peace celebration but for the rest of the days as long as you are still life.

The fruit of forgiveness should be seen in your activities, and God will bless you and the country.  That should show the real meaning of peace from the inner part of your hearts.  God said “if you forgive, He will also forgive you”. There is nothing we can do than forgiving each other for peace in this country.  Additionally, we have to embrace this peace by changing our ways of conversation.

If you are aggressive, change your language of being aggressive to your fellow brothers and sisters. If you are a person who courts violence, talk in an amicable manner because we are in peace environment. Ask yourself, what is your contribution in peace making and building as a citizen of South Sudan? However, I don’t know how much you have prepared yourself for the forthcoming peace celebration.  If you ask me, I am prepared and waiting for the right time to come.

Because I know the disadvantages of conflict in this country, I have seen the suffering of women and children in these periods of wars, I have seen many bad things happened in this country due to lack of peace. I have experienced the economic crisis which led to the death of some people. I have heard women raped during the conflict. If there is peace, all the above mentioned could not have happen in this beautiful country. Let us continue talking peace and suggesting ways for development.


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