Let’s be the storekeepers of our natural resources

By Agar Mayor Gai

This country of ours is young. And because of that known fact, everything seems in the eyes of all as not going the right way. On streets, we meet people frustrated and affected by the actions of their own friends, relatives and more often leaders. This is a daily happening in our country.

Politicians do not feel the pinch because they live exceptional life and as such, they always do nothing to alleviate poverty and corruption. In fact these people amongst us are the core makers and participants in the game of failing this nation. I wonder who will come from somewhere to change and direct our nation in to the right path. You and I have ourselves to revise on how we are making use of our natural resources.

Our nation is never to see peace, unity and prosperity if in the national service, the needs and interests of the nation are not respected and worked on appropriately by the people concerned. It is almost becoming a habit that when you are given a chance to work at a public office for the purpose of serving the people, we take away the money and put it in to our individual pockets.

And when later removed because of his or her actions and lack of love for the country, they go to Nairobi, Kampala and others start saying the government has failed yet for ten or more years he or she has been part and a duty holder in the government they might have abused.

Is it right to abuse a system where you once was and never did you change anything? And for this matter alone, I can rightly put that never act as Romans act instead do the right thing at the right time and in the right place even if it may cost you your life. The fact that you never changed anything is an indication that you never wanted and still will not bring any change if given a chance for a second or third time.

But now, you claim to need the change when you are a sacked general or minister. How will you convince us that you are different from the rest who are not sacked and are doing nothing?

It will be of much good for this country if only all the opposition groups come back home and show to the local population through actions their love and care for this nation and people. However, their coming home should never be taken as an advantage by some through corrupting the national funds in the name of that return. And the people coming have to therefore consider themselves as coming to a place where they would not be treated like visitors such that they expect everything to be provided by their counterparts in the government.

Let us all be the store keepers of our own resources.  When we are in charge, we should not think of putting in to our individual pockets what belongs to the nation. This attitude brings discontent in a country where it is practiced. And thus, rebellions by those having not a chance to corrupt arise.

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