Let’s be blessed not Cursed

By Akol Arop Akol

Blessed are the peace makers but cursed are the peace breakers. The World was created in peace and so must the living things live in peace among themselves and with the non-living around them.

All creatures are not mixed anyhow in their habitats and God knows that different things always don’t match amicably so His knowledge of placing each category of living and non-living things reveals that they would be in opposition and competition among them.

So He put trees alone, wild and domestic animals alone and human beings separately though there is interaction and interdependence among these creatures. He created them that way such that they live in peace.

Humans as specialized animals with strong senses are the champions of the world and the very kind who need peace. This natural peace is acquired from God the maker of everything in Heaven and on Earth.

Thus, when the hard times come to wipe away peace, humans seek for it. And the only source is Almighty Prince of peace who came for the salvation of mankind.

Among people, we have those who feel happy when there is confusion because it gives a chance for making shortcuts to achieve their expectations. Some who accumulated wealth are not hard workers but robbers who use bribe, robbery, cheating in business and exploitation of less fortunate ones.

But despite attempts of the evil-minded people, there are few ones who always stand strong to say NO for injustice. Dejectedly they would get confronted, accused, tortured or persecuted because of speaking the right thing out.

The human-rights and the peace that the world is looking for many gone years to-date is not different from what our country is in need of today. When there is mistreatment and abuse of a particular gender, people try to seek for their rights as citizens and as human beings.

The right for life is a natural law but if any other human tries to take freedom away from those who want it, then it’s described as oppression and it must be addressed by those in charge of authority and if they are left unanswered, God will interfere and punish the oppressors.

In countries ruined by wars, people are asking God to help them out and we find ourselves among them. With the effort of peace makers, leaders and the citizens in the search for peace God has granted it to us. Can we now endure this peace such that we forever live in harmony?

With this peace, the government would revise its activities and services to be provided to the citizens. It will provide security and highly necessary services that are mostly needed on daily basis. Therefore, the traders and travellers will be free to move across their states without being ambushed on the way by unknown armed groups.

With this peace, the boarders will reopen such that the importation and exportation of commodities will recommence which will improve the economy where there will be reduction of prices of foodstuff being bought from the market and livelihood will be better.

When security is totally stable, the farmers will grow enough food while businessmen keep fixing trade. When this happens, no one will sleep with an empty stomach anymore. And hopefully there will be no more bad news about unknown gunmen robbing properties and gunning down civilians at night and on high ways.

The peace signed to prove its reality and assurance of being permanent, the leaders have to wash away old memories and look for ways of implementing their duties that were left undone or incomplete.

Whenever they address their people, they have to preach a language of peace and tell them to begin anything that would take the country forward. It is time to interact with their citizens and listen to their grievances and address them.

The citizens need to know how much the leaders care for them and it will only be demonstrated by creating opportunities and employing them in various institutions.

Instead of misunderstanding and mobilizing the youth to support other leaders’ ideas and interest, there should be charitable and peaceful leadership when young people could be influenced and follow the right path.

The peace signed is a covenant among the people of South Sudan and between them and God. He saw the people beyond suffering and touched the hearts of the leaders to listen, forgive and tasked them to sign the final peace agreement.

Let us pray to God to bless the peace makers in particular the presidents of African countries who used their wisdom and resources to find solutions and enhance possible process of peace for the sisterly country South Sudan.

God is watching and working in the hearts of the leaders that’s why they did reconciliation.

At last God brought salvation to the people of South Sudan. There is a new beginning and new holy covenant. But again, we dedicate this promise into God’s hand that whoever breaks the agreement would face the consequences.

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