Our women have come out and demanded to be given a fair deal in the management of the country’s affairs. The issue of culture barrier and being only good in the kitchen is going to be a thing of the past. Indeed there are women in key position and policy making which cannot be denied but they are not equal enough in the task of nation building. The chairperson of Women Parliamentary Caucus, Dusman Joyce James Lesuk, knows better what message she was sending across to women and men alike. But one thing came out very clear, they feel shortchanged and need to be fully absorbed in matters of national concern, more so she was very specific, Security. Why security. Women bear the burden of all kind of problems, particularly, in conflicts and wars. As vulnerable as they are, they are forced in these circumstances to take care chores and care of the family even at the point of sexual harassment and rape. They want to oversee the security of their children not with guns but with ideas shared and implemented. They want their male counterparts to listen to their ideas while making and passing laws governing security of the country. In simple terms they want to contribute to the well-being of the security laws. They want to be involved because they know what has happened to them before which should not be a repeat. Majority of those crossing the borders as refugees are women and children. This is a case which should be understood positively. For them to come out and demand an all-inclusive participation tells volume. They must have felt left out. Let women be given a forum in the security affairs of the country. It is their right.



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