Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is my sincere hope that you are paying attention to my inner cry and will be able to help me out. I am crying in pain because my expectation which was to come from Addis Ababa did not materialize as hopes had hoped. The only consolation is that there is still hope of yet another two days in which there could be a big change and turn of events. This one I am trying to gamble with and hope that the possibilities of crossing the red line will be real. The redline which is being pegged on the number of states and the boundaries has become a nightmare in and within the heart of the country. The values of these two are important but are they important now or can be done in sequences. As of now and until that peace is brought home, l am in all prayers and crying to God almighty to give wisdoms and reasons to those still pulling us back from where we had come from and the lines that we had crossed yesteryears. If those bent on derailing the peace process have some heart of consideration, they should consider my cry. I am weeping and in painful tears. There are my brothers and sisters who are agonizing their pains like me but cannot reach those they want or hoped could salvage them from their present situation. It cannot go on forever and what comes around goes around. Let there be peace and understanding among the entire citizens and let us all be ambassadors of peace.  It pains to see some of the would be leaders contradicting and spreading falsehood to gain ground for support. This is the style of the past. Right now even a young growing up child knows his/her rights and cannot be influenced by lies that are created for a purpose, mostly, to gain world attention. Wisdom and respect are things that are not bought but are earned in all situations. It is just like forming an agreement without an agreement. Can this be possible, no it cannot be? There must be an agreement with an agreement. In the absence of one, then it can no longer be termed an agreement. So much has been said and done to have peace agreement respected and met at its safe conclusion. Is it not the same that people should understand the importance of having peace in the country? It has been argued that some quarters were not ready or prepared for lasting peace. Their main intentions were to scuttle the process so that they can continue milking the pockets of their donors or foreign masters. They should come to terms with the suffering of the common-man and call it a quit. I remember a friend once told me that a coward live to fight another day. His take is that when confronted by a group of people just say sorry and continue with your chores but if you meet one member of that group along then you can challenge him there and then. Who are those who are trying to scuttle the peace process? They will soon be found out and will meet the wrath of the citizens.

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