Editorial 22nd July 2018

Let what is Africa remain Africa. This message is seen as simple but in its context is very powerful. Although it has been in the lips of many continent leaders, it became a reality when Ethiopia and Eretria resolved their own differences without seeking for external players. This is how it should be. Brothers should be able to sit among themselves, sisters the same to solve any differences amicably. These two sister countries have shown the continent and the world that there is nothing impossible where there is a will, honesty and trust. This is a leaf which should be borrowed and followed by the warring parties in this country. The situation here is not similar to that of the two countries. This is one. A country where some leaders opposed to the sitting system are causing havoc by subjecting the general population to untold suffering. Sitting down together to settle these differences which arose at the beginning of the conflict in 2013, have not yielded anything fruitful instead people continue to suffer and where some external would be key players are themselves meddlers in the internal affairs of the country. They do not want to see peace come true. If any, it could happen as it did yesterday in Juba City when both Ethiopians and Eritreans communities dotted the streets in togetherness marching to the all-inclusive celebrations at the Stars Hotel at the shore of River Nile, singing together and embracing one another. It was a scene which many in this country are longing for and which they continue to pray for. The regional and continental leaders have come together for this purpose but somewhere things seem not to be taking the right direction. Where is this stagnant bend and why. May be it is time to go the Ethiopia-Eretria way. May be this is how to overcome the up-hill task. May be it could be the solution because the country is longing for peace.

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