Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It was not a coincident that Bishop Erkolano Ladu Tome in Yei and Ayii Duang Ayii were talking about money from different locations and points at time. The man of God was being faithful to the country that there were money hoarders who must bank their cash for the economy to grow. He felt that these people were partly behind the economic nosedive. But the man called Duang was in Juba talking to the press and told them that there were unlicensed money lenders who were chocking borrowers with the unimaginable interest rates. Those who are privy to the ground situation of the economy are aware that banks have not been lending and many customers pulled out because there were so many reasons that prevented them from operating bank accounts. It will come to pass that we cannot ignore the concern being raised on behalf of the common-man. But as we talk about money, there is one thing which should always remain in our minds and which is real in our midst. Coronavirus is real and people are dying. Iknow of loved ones who lost their loved ones. May be until it knocks at the door, many people will be thinking that this is just a gimmick which do not have serious effect and which the figures are being inflated to attract donor money. I did have that kind of thought before but going by records and history around the global and soaring cases in the region, leave along the death toll, l have come to terms and agreed that Covid-19 is killing and has come with new wave of effects that had not been experienced before. The government has kept on telling the general public to adhere to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health requirements but mostly the recipients continues to ignore the warning. The authorities should come out to deal with these, l don’t care about attitudes but not carelessly do so as some have been reported to do when patrolling night spots. Is there law allowing these patrols to enter into private premises looking for people who are not following the requirements. This is encroaching in one’s privacy which cannot be in the interests of anyone. While the law must be followed and adhered to, there must be an order of doing things. One of these must be not to encroach in one’s privacy and not to use the laws outside the written one for the unknown advantage. Still the money matter should not be the pointer or yard-stick that are used to measure who is wrong or right.At all-time just walk, sleep, wake up and start the new day knowing that Covid-19 is real and knowing that one can amass much wealth but when death strike, money cannot save anyone. That is the reality of life that cannot be ignored and which all of us must live with.

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