Let us surrender our country to Jesus- Cleric

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

The diocesan Secretary of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan in Juba has urged South Sudanese to begin the New Year with trust in Jesus Christ.

Speaking during the Gosene Parish Christmas carol celebration, Rev. Canon Jackson said unless people surrender their hearts in the hands of Jesus Christ then peace that people are looking for will be realized.

“The only way for us to succeed in our ways, we need to surrender our thinking and our hearts to Jesus Christ, let us surrender our country in the hands of Jesus if we want peace in our country, let us start with new beginning,” Rev. Canon Aripa said

Rev. Canon Aripa said to realize lasting peace in the country; people must embark on forgiveness reconciliation and forget about the past.

“If we surrender our country to Jesus Christ, then we are going to start with new beginning and that new beginning will be peace and if there is peace there is happiness and everything will be easy,” he said.

He said if people continue to practice tribalism, division, hatred, prostitution and continuously mix bad things with new good things, South Sudan will remain the same with more difficulties.

Rev. Emmanuel Lomoro Eluzai, Parish Priest St. Stephen Parish Kator said it was a must for the South Sudanese to have trust and hope in whatever they do in order to get its fruit.

“Even if there is a trouble you will still make it, even if there is no food or food you will still make it, even if there is sickness you will still make it,” Lomoro said.

He said since Jesus was the power everybody needs to put trust and believe in him so that South Sudanese realize peace that they have been looking for.

“Let us put our trust and believe in Jesus Christ, if we put trust in him, he will never let us down, he will never fail you, you will walk the walk and you will never get tied, our God is a leaving God, he will always get us out of the problems we are in.”

He said if South Sudanese give their way to Jesus Christ, God’s blessing will always be in fevour of them however big their problems, God always make things possible to everyone who believes and trust in Him.

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