It came to being that 14,000 teenagers are living with HIV associated with AIDS. This is an alarming number of youngsters expected to be our tomorrow’s savior. This number is increasing day by day and they are dying every now and then. This is the fact we have to bear with and it is the fact that the country is facing. These young generation whose death-bed number are increasing, may render building this nation an impossible task. We need to think and rethink. The first question to ask is why these youngsters are vulnerable to this dangerous virus. Statistics has it that Western Equatoria has the highest number of these cases followed by Eastern Equatoria. Something needs to be done and done now. Would it be an exposure to inter-mix life of urban set-up or is it man-made norms within our own set up in the society. The two are not the only places that are having HIV cases. Reports have shown that almost every part of the country experiences this phenomenon. We cherish life and the giver must be respected. The current generation must do something to stop the tomorrow generation from perishing. There are ARVs to be used. Those affected must be considered every time members of the society and given due respect but not isolation. These drugs or tablets have proved to be accepted across the medical world. In open society there is counseling and open interaction with those positive. In short, they are treated like all normal people. Something the authorities should embark on is to find out why in trading and business centers across the country lodges and guest houses almost out-number other businesses. And open commercial sex goes on as if there is no law. This according to local and international reports from health experts is the leading cause of HIV/AIDS cases in the country. The accessibility of the preventive and the use of them is also another problem. The use of preventive by men has further worsened the situation because majority of men do not use them. This was our morning lecture yesterday and it caught our friend SaTP off-guard with only one word. We are finished if a solution to save the situation is not found immediately.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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