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JMEC calls for immediate establishment of cantonment

JMEC chairperson, Festus G. Mogae

By staff writer 

The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) condemned the recent fighting; the commission has called on the parties to immediately cease hostilities and establish cantonment sites to separate the armies.

Festus G. Mogae, the Chairperson of jmecsaid in JMEC partners meeting on 31 July 2016 that TGoNUshould exercise its responsibility to protect its citizens from violence and ensure security for all.

JMEC Partners call for immediate cantonment of armed forces throughout the country in accordance with the Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Workshop provisions,” he said.

“JMEC Partners condemn in the strongest terms the recent armed confrontation between the SPLA-IG and SPLA-IO and call for a full investigation and accountability for those who bear responsibility,” he added.

Mr. Mogae also said the JMEC Partners has also called on the parties to ensure the strict adherence by their respective forces to the Cessation of Hostilities and the Ceasefire and embark on full implementation of the Peace Agreement and its Transitional Security Arrangements.

However, JMEC Partners further appealed to the International Community to take the necessary steps to address the dire humanitarian situation, and urge the TGoNU to ensure full, safe and unhindered access of humanitarian workers.

Mogae said the unity government should also take necessary step for timely delivery of humanitarian assistance to affected internally displaced persons (IDPs) and put in place measures to provide protection and non-interference with humanitarianequipment and supplies.

“JMEC Partners endorse the deployment of an international protection force to guarantee the protection of civilians, the return of Dr. Machar to Juba, and the resumption of implementation of the Peace Agreement.”

JMEC Partners in the meeting also condemned in the strongest possible terms the continuing obstruction of CTSAMM-MVTs by State agents from implementing their tasks and mandate, and call upon the TGoNU to issue the necessary orders to guarantee CTSAMM freedom of movement.

The chairperson of the commission stated that JMEC Partners should remind the Parties to adhere to their commitment to the Peace Agreement, and reiterate that it provides the best opportunity for South Sudanese stakeholders to amicably settle their differences, promote reconciliation and build sustainable peace.  

He pleaded with the JMEC Partners to remain seized of the situation in South Sudan, and to take all necessary measures to ensure full implementation and adherence by the parties to the agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.

Mogae said the humanitarian situation continues to worsen, and the recent outbreak of cholera should be alarming to all.

“The situation is dire, it is not without hope.  We encourage, and welcome good faith efforts by both parties to resume implementation of the agreement.  We urge all leaders to step back from the abyss of a second civil war.  I stress again: South Sudan is a nation of 12 million people, whose future we must safeguard,” he said.

Speaking at a news conference at the conclusion of the meeting, Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said that the meeting led to a number of recommendations, mainly demanding President SalvaKiir to stop the pursue of the opposition leader RiekMachar and his forces, and stopping necessarily fighting and returned to the negotiating table.

The meeting called for providing aid to those affected by the fighting and working on restoring normally the path of the peace accord, he added, noting that they also discussed security arrangements and all issues related to power and wealth.
Ghandour revealed that the commission will hold a meeting, supported by Britain, next Friday in Ethiopia to consider the recommendations issued in the last African summit on peacekeeping in South Sudan.

Meanwhile, Chinese envoy expressed his concern about what is going on in South Sudan, calling for international cooperation to stop the conflict and fighting there, and exert joint efforts to halt the bloodshed and push both sides to end the fighting and begin negotiation.


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