Let us remember our forgotten heroes

July 9th is back again. This is the advertising season for public and private institutions to pass their congratulatory Messages to “the Big Men” on the occasion of sixth Anniversary of independence of South Sudan. If I am lying just from today onward follow Newspapers such as Juba Monitor, The Dawn, This Day, Al Watan and Al Maugif Newspapers. It cost 7500 South Sudanese pounds (SSP) to advertise quarter page on the front of the Newspaper alone. Don’t get me wrong. Let us multiply 7500SSP by 30 ministries of transitional government of national unity we have that are now preparing to pass their “congratulatory Messages”. It will give us 225000 South Sudanese pounds. It is an amount that can build primary school and pay the salaries of teachers. It is not bad to congratulate anyone, but it is too costly since we are experiencing economic hardship. Radio is the best option to send your praising messages in this current situation.  South Sudan is not about three individuals you might have seen and heard in the media fraternity. For someone out there who has lived to see all the glories and miseries of the country he fought. Well, yet another chapter of South Sudanese history has been forgotten. This article is dedicated to those heroes whom some of you have not seen their photos in the press. On the occasion of six years Anniversary of independence, I salute   late Aggrey Jaden, late William Deng Nhial, late Fr. Saturnino Lohure, late Abdel Rahman Sule, late Clement Mboro, late Andrea Gore, late Buth Diu, late Benjamin Lwoki, late Edward Odhok Dodigo, late Necodemo Gore, late Paul Logali Wani, lateYona Lumanga, late Awad Somit, late Attillion Attor, late Paulino Cyer Rehan, late Stanislaus Paysama, late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, late Joseph Oduho, late William Nyuon, late Samuel Gai Tut, late Ager Gum, late John Garang de Mabior, late Martin Majier, late Lual Diing Wol, late Mathok Diing Wol, late Samson Kwaje, late Akuot Atem the list is long. May God rest their souls in external peace.

Probably the most interesting and most important issue today is what those of us who were born during those dark years when these brave men were fighting for independence of this country are doing, either to follow their good examples or to learn from their mistakes. Yes, they did make mistakes but unlike you and I.

They fought for a free and united South Sudan dreams were to see a prosperous country where her sons and daughters would be the architects and directors. Almost six (6) years after independence we are at each other’s throats, we are struggling to become those they didn’t want us to see as role models. We are thinking of our individual successes and glories, our collective responsibility for our country is almost non-existent. What legacy are our current leaders intending to leave to the next generation? Today, as some of you are talking about these forgotten heroes with pride and admiration, the question is what would our children be saying about us come the next 30 years?

One thing we are all be proud of is what we call mother. The word mother is a sacred word in all societies, they bear the seed of life, they encourage the plant that bears fruit, and they are irreplaceable.

A mother is always a mother even if she is the worst mother on earth and nobody is allowed to say anything bad about her. I know there is war in the country. This does not mean mother South Sudan is bad. Leadership is the problem and not the country. So is mother South Sudan as we call her and the reason why our Heroes in heaven couldn’t leave South Sudan in the hands of foreigners. What are we the youth of this country doing to show we love and adore mother South Sudan? Building a nation is a process, it never ends, and every generation has its part to play. Where is your part? Our forgotten heroes have done their part.

They did not die in vain. They can rest in perfect peace because they achieved their main goal. Politically it was a big achievement but they never said they were going to do it all in one day. They paved the way for us so what are we doing to build on their foundation? I dare say the comrades who are still alive have failed in many aspects.

Fortunately because in the new world, which is today being described as a global village we have to take inputs from the outside world. Through that we can pick and choose and combine with what is ours and create something of our own. We also have the opportunity of comparing and it is most unfortunate that able men and women who voted unanimously in 2011 for independence of this young nation abound in foreign countries as refugees. It has now come to our turn to continue the process, a process of development and unity. It is now our turn to build upon what the great heroes have built and to repair what those who came after the greedy politicians have managed to destroy. We have to set new rules to reflect our diversity.

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