Sometimes we behave like the three blind mice in this world. We don’t see the obvious and continue as if they were not in our midst. This is how it was with us with few friends on Saturday. We met the real men or boys of Konyokonyo who administered justice to our group before disappearing in the thin air of the evening but in full view of the law enforcement agencies. They are known with this name because if caught by Said’s boys, they normally end up in one of the cells in Juba Police baptized “Konyokonyo”. We vowed never to walk far from our residences in the late evenings. We did not want to be past tense unless we wanted to be SaTP, customers. This man had come up with some crazy business ideas. He confided in us that his research and survey in and around Juba town had convinced him that he could make a lot of money being a carpenter. Not just normal carpenter like one Joseph in the Bible. SaTP was going to be a special carpenter mastering in making of COFFINS. “Get to all coffin makers and see for yourselves. They do not have pending stock. Everything has gone like yesterday. Gone like hot cake”. We told our friend that the reason(s) was or were that coffins were being made on order not through display of how many one can make in a day. Our friend was firm on his plan of action that nothing could change his mind. He had started taking measurement of his would be customers whom he was so sure were in the six million bracket. The six million are those threatened with hunger according to international agencies report and to SaTP, they were all going to be his prime customers. He had carried out his research and found out that there were more deaths reported than new birth in the country. He was sure this is business we would do and not look back as he climbs up. One thing, we draw his attention, he had not considered or put up in his mind was the fact that he could be investing in a business which might not go far if his intended customers were those in the six million bracket. Someone known as Stephen D.D who is in charge of Finance docket had just returned from overseas trip with a number of goodies in the basket. Stephen did not globe trot but went out there recently on business and he made it. He managed to return with more from the World Bank, IMF and other friendly bodies, just for putting hunger at bay among others. This is a tell-tell story as it emerged at the weekly Council of Ministers Meeting last week. Ninety Million cool dollars released. SaTP’s project or investment might just be a big day dream after-all.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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