Let us move with the better world

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Among people and countries of this world, we find ones with good system of governance; the ones whose ideology gives birth to peace, unity and prosperity. Their leaders do not fight for power and their people have no tribalism in their thoughts. All they feel doing is what benefits the other fellow and what uplifts the name of their people and country is what constitutes their work. This kind of people in our world, are the dream of every other people and language. How they do this is worth studying by all if one wants to unlock the mysterious gate to a peaceful, united and prosperous country.

Contrarily, it is true for the opposite of this group. And to a bigger surprise, one can undoubtedly say that many nations fall in this other group. How many nations are now engulfed in civil wars? How many terrorist groups are in this world? And how many die of hunger, diseases and from unknown gunmen in our world today?

To take South Sudan for an example, we will have a clearer picture of what it means to be a partaking people of this group’s ideologies; not even ideologies because any ideology has positivity in it but disorganizations and self-centrality. In this country, it is not new and sin to corrupt, oppress the poor and incite tribal wars. These actions though, have now sailed us up to this part of the world where peace, unity and prosperity are a long ago stories. Most of us have never tasted peace, unity and prosperity in our homeland. We were born and raised in, and up to date, still in wars. When we hear of peace, unity and prosperity, they are new terms to us and that it is if achieved that we will see their goodness.

The old ones have little to teach on how to make a positive transition in fact they are telling us to remain the way we are right now. I agree with the saying that’’ children are what you make them’’. What can tribal leaders and elders leave the young ones to follow?  And what else can a power-hungry elder teach you if not greediness for power?  We have experienced this in our country whereby it is now the young people killing themselves, hating themselves and dividing themselves based on tribal lines. Who can bow in this country that he is not a participant and agent of tribalism, corruption and division? I have seen corruption and tribalism happening in every sector even in hospitals, doctors first attend to their tribe mates even if there are cases more severe than for their tribe mates. And to make the matters worse, the ones with no relatives or friends do not get the right medication. In other words, in government hospitals, not every patient gets drugs for their sickness in this country of ours. So, what is the root cause of all these evils? Why would one leave their country mate; the one sharing one history with them, dying and there is a remedy to his cause of death? Tribalism and self-centrality have these questions to make clear to you. However, the two can be got rid of if their effects on this country are known by all. It can sound unreasonable though, if one says that our country can never have unity among their people and tribes.

If more people and tribes such as the Americans have made it to one united and peaceful country, why can we never make it? The truth is that just as others have made it to unity, peace and prosperity, we can if determined and never self-conceited, bring them as well. This country has a potential but because we do not have a clearer direction, the young people know not what to do than to follow the elders. Where will this path continue leading us to, however? It is of course, destruction, backwardness and tribalism which are deemed to ever cause wars among ourselves.

I though, appeal to the leaders to know that they are important in shaping the future of this country.  And that their current actions are negatively impacting us and our future. If the leaders cannot bring peace for this country, let them seek from the countries that are peaceful, united and prosperous. They should, in that way, let us move with the better world.

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