Bishop Enock Tombe last Friday told the country to prepare for elections because permanent peace was on the way coming. He was so categorical that his words sent a chilling final message of expectation because all along it has been the wish of everyone to have a lasting solution to have peace and for development to take its center stage. The man of God has been among those preaching and advocating for this five letter words PEACE. We can only trust and hope that this message will come a reality and be felt in all parts of the country sooner than later. Election or no election peace is the most fundamental thing in human being’s life. Life is bearable in any situation when one has peace in mind and peace around his environment. This is why we should all support the cause chartered for this noble requirement. This is why we should all shout loud about peace irrespective of who is who. This is why we should encourage everyone involved in the peace process to work hard and ensure the return of normalcy in every corner of the country. This is the only legacy we can be proud of when our children and their children take the mantle from us to continue the journey forward in a peaceful atmosphere. Once again to remain our countrymen and women, the leadership of this country has demonstrated the willingness for all-inclusive peace initiative which is seen as bearing positive fruits. It remains the duty of everyone to take his or her role seriously to ensure immediate peace if what Bishop Tombe said or predicted could be achieved. Elections can only be held in a peaceful environment. This is where we have to concentrate on if we have to move forward for a better tomorrow. Let peace come first in all parts of the country.

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