Let us fix what is broken

By Ngor Khot Garang

We have always had this love affair with destruction. We don’t learn even when life is tightening the rope; some of us still add chaos to the mix and caused more suffering to those who are struggling with life.

Some families before the war broke out were living relatively fairly good life but now the situation is unbearable and thousands of people hated themselves and life itself.

When we started the journey after our independence, the whole world rose to its feet to witness the country that has for long time suffered without ever thinking of giving up and the creator of the universe was pleased by the joy of seeing His beloved country spreading its wings.

Everything was not the way it is today, the sun was not as hot as it is now, deadly diseases like AIDs and hepatitis B were not common, ground was green with beautiful trees and the future was said to be greatly promising.

It was even rumored that nobody would ever complain about food or suffering because the land is rich and anyone including those that are physically challenged can still make it here.

Foreign nationals left their countries to come and share their knowledge and skills with South Sudanese. While others came to do businesses to feed their families back home.

Isn’t our country loved and do we love our country like those who lost their precious lives because of it?

I think we don’t love this country and we don’t even know what South Sudan means to the whole world.

The way we see South Sudan is not the way a foreign investor sees it, in their eyes it is a place where any one can work and build a very nice future. But for us, is a place of suffering and where political games are played.

It is sad that those who love this country are those who come from other countries; they build hotels and business centers which is what contribute to the development of the country while we engage in war and high level tribalism.

Who will take this country when we finish ourselves and what shall we gain after killing ourselves? This is what we should be asking ourselves as South Sudanese and it is a shame that people who exhibit the spirit of patriotism for this country are those that come from other countries. Why not learn from them?

If you are to ask two foreign nationals maybe those who doing business here in South Sudan or if you go somewhere outside South Sudan and ask them what they think about South Sudan. If they are people who have gone to school, they will shed tears before they tell you what they think about this country.

Not just the tears of pity but tears that question why God created such a beautiful country and in it put people who do not know what is best for them.

Nobody, not even a mentally deranged person will accept that South Sudan is not a good country. We are the ones who have turned this country into a mouth of shark and the suffering that we find ourselves in is but the result of the poor decision we make.

We want much but do little, we want to rule over others and we don’t even show the qualities needed to be a leader.

And we don’t even know that we are South Sudanese because we pay attention to things that divide us and become enemy to things that unite us.

How many families today finds it hard to put food on the table for their loved ones, children who are not in school, widows and houses that have been destroyed?

They are uncountable, and the pain we have caused this country is unimaginable. It is high time we forgive and we grow the little left.

The little children we get on street begging on our way to our work place will one day grow and build a peaceful South Sudan if we make them like our own children.

Let us all unite and make this land like ours because it is our own, even if few own and benefit from it. It is still our responsibility to make this land the way it was designed to be by God. At least we leave something for the coming generation.

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