Let us fight the fight against the virus

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

The world is no longer what we thought it is. Every time, things happen in an unexpected manner and this can make one think, has the world been like this since the beginning? New diseases, earthquakes especially in the East Pacific region, wars and other countless calamities have become our day to day experiences. Are these the only things that this world can give to us? Or is it a man creation or knowledge that has resulted in to this big mess?

But though, the bible being our guidance is there to answer for us. The bible tells us in Matthew 24 and 2 Timothy 3; 1-5 the things that would come to befall the earth but it further details that they will not come to scare or punish us instead they will tell how near the savior’s coming is soon to be felt by the inhabitants of the earth. How true is this statement? If one says that it is because of the AI knowledge that has brought a lot of complications to our health and well-being, they are right but Matthew 24 predicted that knowledge would increase in the last days. And we know that only the creator gives knowledge and understanding, so it sounds unreasonable and stupid for one to attribute these problems to the Artificial Intelligence knowledge and forgetting that the creator has knowledge of this. He gives this knowledge for a reason such that the prophecy is fulfilled. And for that matter, let us never blame Chinese or the Americans that they have created this Corona virus.

However, in the same book of Matthew, he tells us that as these things happen, we ought not to be worried but instead, we should lift up our eyes and praise the heavenly host for his words are ever true and come to their fulfillment at his appointed time. So, it sounds doubtful of God’s power to protect us when we try to lockdown the whole world. It is good and duty of our various governments to protect their citizens against deadly diseases through imposing certain preventive measures but our preventive measures must never separate us from the lord because in him, all things are possible.

He is a God who turns away not his eyes from his trusted children. But how to qualify as his trusted child is never an easy task however, he requires that we meet all the qualifications such that in his heavenly kingdom, we will live forever and for eternity. Whoever wants to be part of this kingdom, they are welcomed. ‘’In my father’s house, there are enough rooms’’, read from one of the bible verses.

I wonder why would turn down this great invitation by the heavenly creator. But there are countless things of this world that make people reject God’s call to his kingdom. Love of money, bad peer influence, love of our selves more than our creator, bad cultural practices which bring division and tribalism, love of woman or women at a wrong time and getting misled by false teachings. All these take us to a different kingdom and not of the lord; in this kingdom are everlasting torments, sufferings and the worst part of it is that you will suffer and die not, it is only everlasting suffering.

However, the good news is that we have to choose our future at this moment. But bear in mind that Satan will trigger and influence your choice. In other words, he will ever coin things in a way that will widen your gap with the creator. And the issues of diseases such as Corona virus are where he takes away people from God. Have the churches not been closed? He has put in us a feeling that in absence of God, we can protect ourselves. This is a very big mistake.

And if truly, the world wants to get saved from this deadly disease, let us fight it with the word of God. Wake up world and fight this virus with the right person. Let us fight the fight against the virus.

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