Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

At least someone with professional knowledge and touch has come out to tell the country how important it is to have drug or medical laboratory in the country. That person is Dr. Antipas John who is concerned that in the absence of such facilities, the public and citizens of this country were at risk of using wrong drugs or medicines to their death-bed. Dr. Antipas, one of the leading locals in the pharmaceutical industry is a humble man who once told me how he came to being where he is today. His achievements came from a small store with skeletal staff to being a multi-pharmaceutical players in the industry in the country and the region. This coming from him and considering his humble back-ground must speak volumes. But he has to understand that it is not only in this industry which is affected  and rotten with all kinds of ill deeds from the main key players, particularly, those taking the advantage of the situation in the country for lack of basic equipment to oversee the sub-standard products they are importing into the country. They are also taking advantage of the situation by ignoring the laid down procedures to be followed when importing or bringing in goods from outside. Another point, they are taking advantage of the situation at the border by compromising some of our own to allow dangerous goods and products to enter the country. Dr. Antipas is not alone. There are many patriotic citizens who are keen to have good habit and good things done for the good of the country. What could be their up-hill tasks to reach their expectations? Is it because there are some people who are hell-bent to scuttle the good work being done by few individuals who are having the heart and love for the country. Can people given responsibilities examine their hearts and live to know and understand that only the good habit of doing the right things for yourself and the general public. Sometime my mind tells me to form a network that will only articulate the good doing for the country through the like minds. The only set-back is who are there to trust because in such a set up there must be one rotten apple which would eventually spoil the rest in the bag. But it is not asking too much, sometimes it is said that it is better the devil you know than the angel you do not know. We can have one rotten apple which we can be removed from the rest to stop it from contaminating the hearts and minds of others. I am on the people who are charged with public service delivery responsibilities to be people of honour and integrity. They should live their lives beyond reproach and continue doing the right things whenever they are. This would be their living confession and legacy to the present and the future generation. This is the important road to follow if and when we have to achieve the best for the country. Dr. Antipas does not rest because too much and so many contrabands are being brought in the country at an alarming rate even by some well-placed individuals who should be in the forefront of protecting the public.

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