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The constitution of South Sudan gives everyone the right to seek justice with fairness. Money or status cannot be a defining factor in winning a court case because law is bigger than that. The justice system must work hard to ensure the two parties go home when they are satisfied with the court ruling.South Sudan must work together to pursue the promise of “liberty and justice for all.” Some people are all biased based on affinity and relationships. But fact remains, this country belongs to all. Whoever does crime should be tried fairly without fear or favor. Yes, there are so many inequities and inequalities in the justice system and prosecution in South Sudan, but that should not be a vista to some people to blatantly display some disregard to due process and expect sentiments. The beauty of life, whatever we did in life will outlive us. If anyone is found guilty and proven beyond a reasonable doubt, then he or she should be judged based on the evidence and according to the law not where they come from or what they have. There are a lot of cases that have been in the court for a long time for reasons that are not known. The truth is, the failure of the justice system to ensure that justice is according to the law is a big blow to the country. The ministry of justice must take the situation under control and find ways to sort things out without hurting the other party. The common man in this case deserves to be given equal right as a distant friend. After all, all the cases starting from land disputes and other cases should be looked at critically through the law not on a tribal point of view.

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