Let us be true to our state

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Being true to oneself means staying faithful to your core values and principles. It means living with integrity rather than as an affectatious poser. It is true that as we wear many masks over the course of our lives, really adapting to what our circumstances might require of us is to be expected and instead being true to one self is to not mistake the mask for what is real beneath it. But one may ask, how do we be true to one self? Or in an advanced way, how can we be true to our state? To answer this question, one must rely upon instinct and intuition. We must always trust a history of past-performance, personal experience and a proven track record as reliable indicators.

And taking South Sudan in this case, it is always a talk of everyone on streets, that right between 2005 and 2013, things were well with us and that our livelihood was good and simple for all. This is a good history and a proven record, but what might have brought about the success and later, failure is what the South Sudanese people ought to consider when trying finding out the solutions to our problem. Why is our country, which was once upon a time, good and worth living in, the way it is now? It is true our elements of success between 2005 and 2013 were unity and nationalism. But though, what has deprived us of these important elements? The absence of the two elements of national success indicates that we are no longer true to our state.  The concerned body to bring forth the right success for this country and people is wearing a cloak of pretense in their faces; that they have to only work for their interests when entrusted with national duty. This is a sign that we define government or national service differently from rest of the world. Our definition is that the government is for self-interests and usage of our mandated power to oppress the lowly ones. This was not the definition and perception of the government for the past years. We had just been rescued and shown the way by our creator but to the world’s surprise, we have forgotten; the government tends to be more corrupt and caring less for their citizens. So, what brings forth self-centralism and corruption is loss of the success elements. And luckily enough, if there exists a good system of governance, it becomes easier to educate this people about the track record and history of good works by the past people or system such that they work better and for all. It is sad that the current case of our country is so different from the above illustration. The same people who were doing well in the past between 2005 and 2013 are the ones doing the opposite. This can however, make it hard to judge the position of our country in the past. But though, the fact that there was a glimpse of good work done can make us slightly judge and locate the root cause of the current problem. Right from the independence of Sudan in the year 1956, the Southern people had shown a sense of love and unity among themselves. And unfortunately, because may be or not in my personal view, the ones who preached love and unity died in the process, the vision for a united people of the South got distracted and lost. Now, there is division among the people who were once united, there is corruption among the people who once in history considered nationalism and good works the major elements of any successful society. This has been the true nature of our country but now some because of their self-interests are covering up the potential of our people to get united to compete economically and politically. This is being so unfaithful to the values (unity and nationalism) of South Sudanese. So, if we want to compete and move ahead of others, let us be true to our state.

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