By: Opio Jackson

Media has always played a very important role in our society. In ancient times when there was no radio, newspapers and television, people used literature as source of information and different stories about great kings, shows those people the information about them. In those days there were no journalists but people used messengers to disseminate messages. The Bible tells us that God needed a messenger-Angel Gabriel to deliver His message to Mary Immaculate and before the birth of the Child Jesus; God also ensured that John the Baptist was born ahead of him to act as a massager to prepare the way ready for the Saviour to come. This is a clear demonstration that we all need someone to deliver our message if we want to succeed in our positive visions that we plan to achieve. In the ancient time people mainly rely on messengers because the profession of journalism was not yet established but after its formation, media has become one of the main parts of our lives and our society, because we use word media, to combine all sources of information.

However, in the ancient times the messengers never had much complaint from the sources because the world was not corrupted as people were working for the common interest of the society. Everybody feels contented with the information delivered across by the messenger there was no complaint of information being distorted as no one had personal interest in any information delivered to the public but today the world has become corrupt and most dangerous place to live in. It is very hostile as many of us don’t have patience for each other and we tend to be more over aggressive for any simple mistakes. We need to be patient to one another and sometimes treat the mistakes committed as involuntary unless it becomes perennial mistake committed by the same person. Secondly, the dialogue has always demonstrated to be the mean of addressing conflict and we need to embrace dialogue to maintain peaceful coexistence among us, as human beings our presence is important to each because we need each.  Media is very important in our society for instance as journalist, I may step on our toe while trying to send out information to the public but this does not mean I am qualified to be disqualified. We need not to condemn people and forget their past deeds and positive contributions in our society. Sometimes we have to patient as our God is patient because if God was impatient I think each one of us would not have lived after now. As God always encourages us to change and become better people we should also do the same to others so that they become people instead of disqualifying them.

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