Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo 

This is yet another Good Friday and Easter Monday 2019 being internationally observed. Here in the country we are equally privileged to join the rest of the world on this important Christian event that will come with all sorts of activities in the name of celebrations. It is also time for one to take stock of life to understand where he/she has come from and where she/he is going to. It cannot be hidden and cannot be any two ways. For Christians in the country it remained your duty to put God first and pray for peace which the majority have longed for this far. The most important thing one should bear in mind is to maintain peace with oneself and with neighbours. Do not over do things that can harm you and people around you. But more important do not engage or indulge in immorality which could endanger you and your loved one. It is time to be happy with one another and work collectively for the well-being of the country. It is time for each to take stock of what one has achieved and what is expected out of each. Let Good Friday and Easter Monday give one time to see where each had failed and where each could improve their welfares and that of the country in general. This is treatment time to revisit where one had gone wrong and where one had to improve on. It is a reflection of the past, the present and the future. But more importantly, it is a time to kneel before God and pray for everlasting peace that has come to the country and is with us now. It should be time for reconciliation and forgiveness because the Son of God died so that our sins can be washed away. This should be the spirit and the motto when you break off for holiday.






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