Let us be careful and prayerful

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Problems are never new in this world. They have been part of mankind since creation. One culture says that man without problems is not a man and that what matters the most is how one looks into their problems. However, the fact that problems are ever with us is not an indication that we should not struggle to solve them. I wonder why people amidst problems would fold their hands and later expect that the problems get solved. This is so unreasonable and folly.

This world has now been befallen by a pandemic that scientists called coronavirus. In science world as you may know, viruses are the most feared pathogens because the diseases which they cause barely get treatments. And, this new pandemic falls in this category. There is no known remedy to the disease that the scientists have so far come up with. But fortunate enough, doctors caution people that if you are not infected yet, there are things you should do to protect yourself from getting the virus. The precautionary measures are got from the nature and lifespan of virus and what aids the existence of the virus on the surface of metals or elsewhere and how long this virus lives on the surface. It is through this that the Ministry of Health cautioned us to wear face masks, clean hands with water and soap and to stop going to overcrowded places. Now the schools have been closed and occasions that demand people in large numbers have been suspended for thirty days. This is a good move by the government. However, the other good news is that the virus is not in our country. And also the countries which are now having it did not have it in the first place. So, how do countries other than China get this virus? It is through exportation. China exported it to specific countries and now these other countries are also exporting it to the rest. So, how do we now prevent it in this country? Watching hands, wearing masks are for the ones who already have cases but this country has none. I hear that in our airport, flights from coronavirus-affected countries still land. This is so dangerous and there is no doubt that one day this virus will get exported to us. Why have we copied the precautionary measures of already infected countries? Our case is very different and we must have travel ban as the only precautionary measure at this time.

The current situation can invoke a thought in one that maybe somewhere in this country, this virus exists and that just like Chinese Communist party was long doing, our government is denying it. I pray that this may not be the matter and that our government does not know what to do but to copy what others are just doing without knowing what made them to take those precautionary measures. In fact, I do not call washing hands, wearing masks precautionary measures. They are only for the already affected places. Travel ban is the best precautionary measure of unaffected countries like South Sudan. Let us always be careful when making decisions as an institution. And to our God, let this country’s prayers be heard. We cannot even make one percent of the steps the Chinese people took through the cost of this outbreak. It is only good for the Chinese and others and not for us, the South Sudanese. We have no difference with our government. So, we should leave this in to God’s hands but let us be careful and prayerful.

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