Let us always mind of the songs we sing

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

It is true that through songs, good things come to people and countries. The message that any good song carries brings to people the right approach to life. Songs have the power to educate, teach and orient people on how they can live up to the standards of real life. Through good songs, there comes unity, peace and general success to a people and country. We have seen this effect in the past, from one culture to another and from one community to another. And this shows to us that songs if properly composed can bring a positive change in the society. 

But though, it can undoubtedly be stated that songs are at times peace takers and problem to the society. How does this happen? It is clear that there is a must conduct as from the holy book in which any song is supposed to be. The bible says that any good song should have morals in itself and must always acknowledge the greatness of our creator. That is to say a good song must always positively impact any society. And the bible tells us about people who through songs had the ability to make a change in their society. One of such people is King Solomon, the son of David. He through his songs praised and honored the creator for the good things he has done for mankind with creation, wisdom and understanding being the center of Solomon’s songs.

I wonder why one would today compose a song that goes contrary to the real standard of hymns. Why would one sing a song that incites conflict among people? Why would one only praise a leader and leaving out the creator? I have seen people praising leaders in and around this world. They compose songs that exalt the leading figure. It is though, not bad for singers to compose songs that extol leaders. In life, it is good and healthy to applaud people for their good words. Complimenting people for good moves gives them a morale and power to continue doing right things. But at what instances however, can this be dangerous in life? There are two scenarios in which praising leaders can become a problem at times can even take away peace and unity from any country.

The first one is when truly, a leader successfully fought for people’s rights for example, they are given freedom and independence. And they are now tasked with improving their people’s own life through all sectors. If this leader is praised and honored, there is a possibility of him rewarding himself. In other words, praises may invoke a thought in him that he suffered and that he has a right to do anything; be it corruption or even mistreating his own people. In this way, the country does not prosper and there is always no peace. The other scenario is when the leader gets opposition from his counterparts. This may be for various reasons but one is that others may feel unhappy if songs are composed in a way that abuses them. That is to say, if one leader is exalted at the expense of other fellows, conflict and opposition become part of us. This is not a good way of praising leaders through songs though. And if we want peace, unity and prosperity in this country, we should consider the importance of songs. Let us always mind the songs we sing because it is their impact that determines our status as a country, leaders and as lay people.

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