Let us always come to terms without any pressure

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Once in this column, I wrote about the importance of compromising and that swallowing your opinions and let for others take effect brings peace and unity in any situation. I appreciate and surely think that it is through that opinion and for others across this country which has remarkably shaped and resulted to the present stand of our President and the government. It is true that often times, we humans do not account for the opinions of other people. In other words; it is always hard for a man to let other’s view be the accepted one. This human nature and behavior has destroyed and broken many societies of the world into pieces. It happens in a way that everyone fights harder and harder even if it costs their life, just to make their self be counted and ranked superior over the other. However, among any two or more groups of thought, there is ever the right one for all and that because it is from people we claim to hate, we start opposing and fighting against it. This behavior is inhuman and every one must admit that it is the principle blockage of peace, unity and success in this country.

How many have not seen the effects of this behavior? Right from our family levels, community levels and up to national level, we have seen our leaders opposing their each other’s opinions even if they ought not to do so. The issue of states and beyond is a proof of this bad human trait. The local people seem to have never a problem with the thirty two states but because the leaders had not accepted each other’s opinion on this issue, the country never smelled peace and unity. Our leaders have one problem; they do not accept one another and also together consider not the popular demand of the local people. And in this sense, the two leaders and the local people have always been going their distinct ways. And this resulted in to the conflict of 2013 and continues until 22th February of this year. But though, there exists now a sign that the two leaders are coming together and that it is the civil population whose right have been walked on. I wonder why the citizens’ right is being neglected. But because it is going to stop war and improve this country’s economy and political atmosphere, I bet it is the best option and decision which our president has ever made in his entire life; swallowing his opinion, denouncing the citizens’ popular demand and considering Dr. Riak’s proposal. If it be so that the war will stop then it is time we appreciate our president and the citizens for the acceptance of ten states and three administrative areas.

However, the opposition leader should also be appreciated for his acceptance of ten states plus the three administrative areas and it shows that he, as well is willing to bring peace, unity and prosperity to this country. Our country has suffered for so long and it should therefore, be now that we have to enjoy the fruits of our struggle. We must in no other way think of our individual pockets as has been the habit of all in this country but instead, think of the stand of our economy, political stand and social cohesion among all the sixty four tribes. The primary work of any opposition is to fight for reforms in the national service and devise the right ways to a peaceful and united people of any country. But though, it is ever advisable that the government should filter and put in to effect certain demands of the opposition if they be of national benefit.

Coming to terms for this matter, must always be based on acceptance from both sides just as it has happened in this country.  We, the civil population would not wish to see one party going against the agreement throughout this transition. The issue of security arrangements must be handled with care, compromise and sacrifice just like for the states.

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