Time like this is when professional colleagues and their friends alike should come together and help one of their own seek proper medical attention. Our colleague, a veteran journalist, a friend and the General Secretary of Union of Journalists of South Sudan, Edward Ladu Terso is in need of urgent and immediate funds to help him travel to Khartoum for treatment. Most people who follow the happening in the media industry know who Edward is and his contributions. It is not time to over-emphasize on the pros and cons but to help save his life by helping him get better treatment. Colleagues should come together at this time of need and mobilize friends and well-wishers to have this matter attended to appropriately. While the main life is in the hand of God, it is not proper to sit back and wait for his miracles to happen. This is a case which has been identified and which needs specialized medical attention. Four leading journalists and colleagues of Edward among them Nichola Mandil, Anna Nimiriano, Michael Koma and Atem Simon are at hand to receive contributions and even the same can be directed to Edward himself. For the media fraternity, it is time to come together with willing friends to make this work and help one of our own. Today it is Edward, who knows who will be in such a need tomorrow? Solidarity is the strength which must be demonstrated at a time like this. It is always better to help save life when it can be done. In this regard, the same appeal which was sent out on Friday is being re-sent again through this editorial piece so that our brother can be able to get specialized treatment. Let us all unite as a media family with all our friends and well-wishers to raise funds within the minimal time possible for Edward’s sake.

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