Let there be a chain of command in the national service

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

It is crystal clear that in every grouping both small and big, there is always an overall leader. Take for example the smallest unit called the family. There is at all times a leader. The parents always take the lead in this case; they oversee and decide over the things of family, they provide or cater for the needs of their children; they also act as a role model for the young such that if the parents are peaceful and prosperous themselves, there is always love, unity and peace in the family. This is true for the fact that young people are what you make them. They do not have power to resist any ill-teachings by parents and therefore, the leaders of family have a mandate from the creator to at any instance bring up the young people in a way that pleases our creator and the people around us.

However, the creator has also designed that at bigger units of gathering such as of community or the state; there must always be a leader. The duties of leader and the leads for this matter are distinct and that calls for a chain of command.  Being leader of a certain gathering though, shows that you must always make decisions and be or not seconded by the ones around us depending on how the decision will impact the local people. Leader, for example a president is mandated to oversee and supervise the work of all ministries and directorates and if there be any illegularities in their work, he is a hundred percent allowed to, with concrete evidence of any state’s law breakage, remove and get that minister investigated for any misconduct in his work.  I wonder why most people undermine this chain of command. In this country, the president seems to have not got a single duty. Ministers embezzle national funds and later go unpunished, many people if sacked from the government position, they do not accept order from the president instead, they rebel and take the president for an enemy; they forget that it is the state law and not Kiirdit, telling them to leave the position.

When sacked, it is good to respect the order because it is from an overall source of our country’s ethical conduct. It is not Salva Kiir removing you, it is the state law doing so and the president is just there to implement. The state laws are our guide in every service that we are given to render to the local people. And not going by the state laws, we fail to serve the people rightly, we fail to unite people and we also miss the targets for a successful society.

 The state laws however, give the local people a voice such that if the president fails to implement the laws through ministries, directorates and beyond, they can decide through vote to either remove him or not to from power.  It can therefore, become awkward and unreasonable if one uses any social medium to abuse some individual government post holders.  Let us all stick to our roles and follow the right chain of command; the state law being the overall, parliament being the teacher of state law, president, ministries and others being the implementers of the law and the citizens, through vote having power to decide on who to bring as president or parliamentarian based on what one can do. 

If we follow this chain and know our respective duties and limits, we do not get room to interfere with other duties or roles. The parliamentarians should always watch over how the law of the state is being respected and followed by the executive and also necessitate the process of electing the executive. The citizens should always wait for elections to vote for the people of their will. However, the military should always be an independent wing entrusted with protection of civilians and the sovereign boundaries of the state. Let us all put in to consideration the importance of each of these wings for an independent state. The executive though, must not use the military for their self-centered interests. I therefore, appeal to all people that peace, unity and prosperity should be the goal of every sector in this country and following the laws of our state is the gateway to achieving the three.

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