Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The world is full of wonders and human beings are un-predictable lot. At the moment the world is in shambles faced with a no-man made or is it atomic bomb that cannot be compared with the one used in the Second World War or has the world witnessed the third world war yet. Coronavirus can be that one and indeed it might kill more than what has been witnessed in the past apart from the Holocaust. When a foreign nationality jetted in the country a month and some days back and went straight to the UN work-place, nobody bothered not even the super medics at the work-place. Her case came out just some few days back, she had tested positive from two tests. This could be a case of negligence or intention. Negligence because nobody detected this on her arrival. Intention because with the virus she stayed so long so far to have been in contact with many people in and around her. I like to sharpen my mind with positive and concrete likeminds. If mediocre is applied then count me out. Two wrongs cannot make a right and there is no way one can call a spade a big spoon. The first victim of Coronavirus in this country is a foreigner from the West period and nothing can change this in the history books. She is working here and the case was detected here in the country, actually in Juba when both local and international experts were called to the task. The Task-Force under the chairmanship of President Salva Kiir Mayardit announced through the First Vice President the first tested case at a press conference on 5th April 2020. The conference gave the chronologies of events from the first day of the lady’s arrival until the medic caught up with her and took her to an isolation ward where she is being handled by experts. As if this is nothing to go by some pundits and critics alike would want to justify their take and cause of action or reactions. I would want them to know that some of us live in the wider scope of the outer space that trivial and un nurtured approach are not compatible with our inner-core and peace of minds. The truth is that a foreign national has been diagnosed and tested positive to the coronavirus. This is a fact which no one can deny. Why then somewhere some minds would want this coated and told differently is in a class of their own views and minds. We may live in the same world but with different intentions and ideas. In this jargon called journalism there is no shortcut to the truth and facts. Medical experts have told us that the case is positive after two tests and came out public and announced the same. Who are we then not to believe them at a time when almost the world is up in arms against COVID’19 or Coronavirus? People should not rush to judge others but should wait for the fact to find the truth.

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