Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

In my endeavours to live behind me a memorable legacy, l always respect the views of others, more so the youth who are destined to be the future leaders and who if properly brought up and empowered, would build formidable economic background for the nation. If all of us were keen to take the issues of the youth to the next level, then for sure as a country we can make it in the shortest time possible. This country is only eight years old since independence and we all know what happened before then. We must live to reality but must move forward with our lives well-lived into the archive of history for the positively identified, counted and celebrated names in the region if not the world. I host with my co-host Moses Yasin of the 88.4 City FM a weekly program, the Business Focus. Last Saturday we had a young man whom all along l knew to be a Journalist. He comes out to be a self-made youth who has tried his hand in almost everything to survive and to come to being to what he is today. This is Mandela Nelson Denis, aka M.C Okwandit, his stage name who l found out was involved in so many activities that promote the youth in the country. Because of my love and encouragement to the youth, l had to give him and Yasin to talk and walk their youth affairs and indeed it was an inspiring topic and a success story with clear future vision and mission of what he wants to be and encourage the youth to follow to the hilt. Mandela started by making tea and half cake in a verandah somewhere in Tongping. He even got employed as shop attendant in one of the roadside premises. This did not deterred his ambition to move on and better his life and future. To cut a long story short, the young man right now is an M.C, both local and international event organizer apart from being one of the best entertainment and all-rounder reporter with Juba Monitor. His work and contribution can speak for itself. Above all he is driving his own car, which was one of his dream lines. As we aired the show live thanks to the FM station, which has been ranked the leading station in the country, a caller “Rude-boy” called to tell us yet another success story of how he came back from Uganda and had nothing to do but he never gave up. He started small by selling water on wheelbarrow as years goes he graduated by entering into riding motorcycles hired for business purposes from someone. Not his. Eventually he bought his and what followed can be seen. He brought three more and started building his own permanent house and as we talk now he lives well with his family in his own house with three cars at their disposals. Can you be one of the success story as these two young people? What is stopping you from just starting something which can change your life in future? Be of the mind that you can do it and sky is the limit. This will be appreciated by all because it is a positive contribution not only to you and your family but to the whole country. Be creative and have positive set-mind.    

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