Let security be the priority

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

I doubt if there can be any sector in this country or in the world which can exist to its fullest without right safety in place. People need to be secured at all instances such that their works, they can execute and make alive for others to see. However, who should grant the security to where it is needed? Each and everyone in this country though, know how insecurity has negatively impacted our living. On streets and all gatherings of our people, we cry to the government and it is undoubtedly true that the local people are shooting at the target. The reason for government in any country is to look in to social crimes and economic challenges that face her people. So, someone may wonder why this people’s expectation is often times unrealistic.

Take for example, this country of South Sudan. It is true that when it comes to eight or nine in the night and even during the day, walking with your belongings such as money, phone or computer is more than risky. The moments you move with them, there is a higher chance of losing your own life not even the property alone.  This is the level that our country has reached. We are in our end times as predicted by the holy book. We feel good and comfortable when slaughtering our brothers and sisters, when interested in their property, we steal instead of asking from them and sometimes, we kill them for us to be able to get rich. Almost everyone has left his or her mandate of ethical work; work that puts God first and the rewards are later godly, work that does not take life of others. We are so blinded to truth that we cannot judge ourselves wrong or right; we just push, push on as if nothing bad or good is happening.

Though this is biblical however, and we cannot entirely put them to stop, the government has where to help people get on the right track. The government is put there by the creator to direct people who have stepped on the commandments he has set to be followed by his creatures. Why would not the government do this godly duty though? Why cannot the government help stop young people from robbery, stealing, killing along the roads and other dangerous things happening now in this country? This is so painful to the creator and local people of our country. The creator says to those(government), if you have failed in your duties due to one reason or another, come back to your senses and do that which is required of you.

Luckily enough, just from the headline of Monday this week, in this Juba Monitor Newspaper, there is an indication that the government is coming back to her senses. For too long, the police and others have lacked the right facilitators of their work. Some of these are uniforms so that at work, it shows that they are police and that the criminals can easily surrender, police cars which can ease their movement to crime zones when contacted and also to petrol areas of security concerns, there is also lack of sufficient salary and to make the matters worse, the salary is not even given to them at the right time. Now, it seems that one of those is provided though ten cars would not be enough for the police to facilitate their movements around whole Juba city. This is a great move by the government and a sign that soon or later, they will have a chance to improve and look in to the others.

The issue of uniforms and enough salary for the police and the security organs at large should be the first priority for the government. And by so doing, the government will have let security be the priority.

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