Let no one always put blame on oneself

By: Agar Mayor Gai-makoon

It is almost a habit among all people that they always put an excuse or blame on others when they ought not to. It happens and I bet never can any dead or living person deny and say, I have not one day blamed other people.

The reason for this habit though has its root unclear but someone can put it this way; we blame other people to deny that if it were us, what has happened would not have. This is to say that in our presence alone, political, social or economic challenges do not have a place. But is that belief true however? How can someone say that he or she cannot or never and never make a mistake in any aspect of life? This is a great lie.

Right from the biblical sources to any man’s experiences on this earth, we are a subject to mistakes. In the holy book, it is said, “No man is perfect’’. This one finding though being from the creator, is at all past and coming generations witnessed. So, I wonder why someone will be blind to his or her mistakes and lift up high the one for other people. This is the level of life that we have reached. And unless we get to refrain from such habits, our dream for political, social or economic success is a myth that will never come true. So, if the country is politically and economically disturbed as of the current, let us not entirely blame a fewer population as the reason.

It is true that the areas we commit mistakes may be different and so, it can sometimes become reasonable to blame the person through correction. Other blame in this country, is not meant to correct and the change the person; it is just meant to humiliate and show that we are better than those who have done mistakes. This is however, not right and should never be tolerated if this country needs political stability, economic stability and social cohesion among all the tribes of South Sudan.

By unethically blaming others, we call for more problems other than solutions. Each one of us has a role to play. It is by doing your role, for this matter, that others will learn from you and get committed to their other roles. The roles of the civil population and for the government are different and it is important and advisable that each body gets committed to their role. The civil population must obey laws of the country through paying taxes, uniting themselves and speak one voice for all. The government on the other hand, uses funds from mineral resources and taxes for developmental projects that can help the civil population; improving infrastructure to ease and improve businesses, building schools for well up-bringing of the young, constructing standard health facilities for the civilians and protecting the lives of the local people. However, if any of these two bodies fail in her roles, the other fails as well.

And as though, if one particular section would want to blame, they must always stick to playing their role. For this country however, the civil population is doing her role of respecting laws of the country. Their problem lies in directing their friend (government) to correctly play her roles; we use Facebook, what Sapp and other social media to finger point on individuals other than the government. This habit is the one hindering our political, social and economic success. Let us all not misuse our capability and potential to bring a change in this country. By spending much time blaming others, we do not do even what we were supposed to. In other words, let one always put a blame on oneself.

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