Members of the fourth estate in the country yesterday joined the entire world in celebrating the road towards ending crime against journalists. It was their day marked with purpose as the scribes have for a long time been subjected to humiliations, tortures and unnecessary harassments without due considerations to their professional callings. There should be only one thing which is unity among journalists in the country and in which they should properly use to be able to liaise with their colleagues internationally. Open door should be yardstick to measure professional ability and the growth of the media industry. Each institution brought into being to articulate journalistic interests should draw a line of their role and operation so as not to overlap onto others. Journalists should walk tall with the inside knowledge that they are the mirror that passes and reflect onto information for public consumption. More so the media authority and the union of journalists should work and walk together to develop the industry with the participation of other key players. In a nutshell journalists should carry and reflect what they are with the knowledge they have to see that the general public were able to be educated, informed and entertained with well-balanced and well researched information that was for the good and growth of the country. The scribes should stand still and their ground when it comes to matters of professional ethics and while discharging their duties knowing that no public servant would come open to give them information voluntarily unless it was serving their interests or touching on the personalities of the their perceived enemies. In most cases such people should not be allowed to use journalists and the media for their selfish gains. Two principles that should always be used to guide the profession should remain truth and being honest. The celebration is gone as we remember those who have met the wrath while  discharging their duties but this scenario will soon come to an end although not permanently.

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