The impasse which had been looming over the unified forces graduation will possibly come to an end early next month according to the latest report from the presidency. This will set the ball rolling with the unification of military command and the graduation of unified forces as outlined in the peace agreement. Indeed this has been one of the thorny components which had almost stalled the movement forward since it held one of the key sector of in the security docket. It therefore means there will be no more segments in the security outfit linked to individuals or political parties. The move is to have a one united forces to serve the interests of the country and not individual. Their command directly reporting to one central command unlike the previous time. The move which has been overdue is expected to instil proper discipline required of the security forces the world-over. The insecurity issues have raised a lot of concern among the citizens and even foreign investors. There have been hope that the situation could improve immediately after the peace agreement was signed but to date, the hope almost dashed because nothing tangible had come into being with the issue being postponed every now and then. The citizens are watching this unfolding scenario with a lot of hope because they want peace and security to hold onto the ground. The latest promise of graduating the forces next month should come into being without any more hitches to divert the process. This time is important to note that the presidency is confirmed to have agreed on the modalities of having the ceremony in place and to bring the security units together to serve the interests of the entire country instead of individuals. This is when the confidence of both local and foreign players in the economic growth would be lifted to the required standard.

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