A foot for thought

Let God takes Charge in critical situation

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Many people complain these days about the general situation in the country. They said that it is very hard to get money to provide basic needs. Traders in the markets said their items were not bought, the market was very poor.

That was bad sign and it would bring negative sign on economic crisis in the country. People who were doing small businesses, it was very hard for them to provide daily meals. This situation has taken some Christians far from God, Sunday a day for prayers, Christians are not going to the church for prayers. When you ask them,the answer was that they were busy doing small businesses in the market to sustain living.

 They have forgotten that everything is in the hands of God. If they pray over this situation, God will help them. Doing businesses on Sundays is not bad, but they should make sure that they pray to God first and put the situation to God. It could be like a request so that God change the current situation.

Let problems of hunger, sicknesses not affect us or take our attention from God. For the reason that we are protected by God in this world. Let people make use of prayers and ask everything from God. Even the businesses they were doing, should ask God for it.  Such a situation affects women too much, because they were the main sources for businesses in the market,at the same time providers of food in the families.

In developed countries, people are not talking about hunger, because they had passed the state of hunger. It always affect the underdeveloped countries like South Sudan, or countries that had severed conflicts like South Sudan.

Let us balance our work by saving God and asking Him to bless our businesses. Temporary businesses on earth cannot help us much. Our bodies need both spiritual and physical food.

May God bless us all.

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