Security of the country should not be compromised because if civil servants and police officers can be kidnapped then what message is the public getting for their own taste and safety? What happened in part of Upper Nile State cannot be taken at face value and thorough investigations must be carried out to find who are these kidnappers said to be from the neighboring Sudan at a time when the two countries are working together to restore peace within their territories. Such act creates doubt in the minds of well-tailored citizens who are starting to believe that they are brothers and sisters only separated with demarcated borders. It is not to be ruled out that when good intentions are being advanced bad intentions creep in slowly which should not be allowed to happen. Relationship between two countries need to be strengthened through goodwill of diplomacy which thugs do not want to happen because they will be caught in the act. It is just the other day that this country spearheaded peace for the north and this cannot be reciprocation but a thuggery act by some elements bent to derail the existing and pending good relationship. The security organs of the two countries must come up with a solution to curb down the menace and restore the confidence of those living along the borders with the neighbouring countries. There should be feedback that the kidnapped victims and their families were re-united safely. It is very unfortunate this act occurred when the officers were on official assignments. Where necessary diplomatic engagement should be applied, awareness should be made in the border points for people who are living together to understand the roles of public servants. But most importantly, security should not be compromised for whatever reason or reasons.

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