Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

I came across a lady in a Government office who should go down on record as a good example of an efficient and effective public servant. The 20 minutes l spent in that office were enough to learn her mode of Operandi. She efficiently and effectively attended to people who come to her office all coming out with smiles and satisfaction. Something came into my mind that this eloquent and soft-spoken lady should open an institution where most public servants should be coached on good public management. I was on another mission and l would wish to revisit her story another day to bring it home to stay because l was in the mood of the Easter Holiday which was spoiled in the office when l was told where l am and what l was doing l could not go for any holiday not now and not in the near future, I must agree that at times l can be workaholic and bury my head in my work without looking for time. But when it comes to holidays like this one, l find it necessary to try and get a breather and do what others would want us to do. That was the mood l was in until this circular which corresponds with the Easter Holiday and others. Since l will not be there with my likes to enjoy the day, l wish to take this early opportunity to pass my Easter greetings to all readers of this column and Juba Monitor at large. Telling them that they have been of great support for our continued existence in the public domain. It should be noted that even if we are not going to meet there or somewhere, we still hold you high in our hearts and pray always that we continue being together for the well-being of mankind. We should take time not to overdo whatever is ahead but consider in prayers those feeling unwell and are hospitalized or under medication. Still we all must live with hope and trust that something good is afoot and will soon be on our table. This one l am sure of and can vouch for. I am optimistic that what is happening in the country is meant for the good of the people and the nation at large. It is the beginning of a peace move initiated many years back and which is now turning out to bear fruits of peace and love to one another. It has been a journey worth walking or taking because it has brought home important factors in the general population’s life. We cannot afford to ignore or side-step the matter as it stands but we should all give it equal support in all its nature. No amount of diversion should create web on this important national affairs. We must stand to win not to be diverted by either external or internal forces.

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