Let all be available in this land

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

In life, if you have one ingredient for a successful society missing, it takes you much more time and effort to fill in the right alternative to that life interspace. However, it is crystal clear that the creator has blessed each and every country of this world in a different way. Take for example, South Sudan and USA. The resources that we have can never be entirely the same as for the USA or any other country. What do you think is the difference? As per this, I tend to think that the natural resources we own in this country, can less be compared with that of America; we literally have more resources than they do. Our problem is that until now, we do not know this fact because we cannot even recognize and make use of the resources ourselves. They are there available in all parts of this country but we do not know what to do with them. So, what do you however, think is lacking in our people and country? This is a story for another day.

Now that we are sure or not that there is an element we are lacking, how much effort does it require us to bring to ourselves that fortune such that we are complete and all is available? It is true that with the little (resources) we have, we need ability or someone or country to complement us with our direst need. It is now up to the policies of our country to choose which is or not good for the South Sudanese people. However, it is a must case for us to choose a friend in order to be complete, there should be an urgent and right choice by the government. Furthermore, the fact that the complements may have different interests in this country should make us choose the one whose interests are not more than what the South Sudanese will benefit from them.

How do we know this country? We must use their works in other countries which have taken them as their real allies. If roads, schools, hospitals are up to their right perfection, there is political stability and their economy is improved and competitive, then that ally is suitable for this country. However, if they are only interested in our oil, gold and other minerals and later do nothing for the South Sudanese people, that country is not the right choice. We need those allies who use our resources to bring political stability, economic stability and improvement of general livelihood of South Sudanese people. We need those who, when we are in conflicts, they are able to come to our rescue and not use it as an advantage and chance to loot our resources. We need those who take us as their real friends; no racial discrimination and there is much respect for our rights as a people and country.
It is not good that for the last seven years, we have been killing ourselves, promoting tribalism and corruption in national matters. All these are attributed to the fact that we have no real ally; the one whose system of governance we can adopt and make our own, the one whose steps to unity, political and economic stability, we can follow and reach where they have reached.  We have the resources to win the right ally for ourselves but because we do not think nationally, we tend to consider our individual interests more than for the nation. Bad allies are good for those who do not care for the nation in a way that they and the allies loot the country leaving the local population in dire poverty and backwardness; we do not need this at all. Our country has all (mineral resources) it can take to bring peace, unity and success through right allies. It is high time we let all be available in our land such that besides our natural resources, we have those we can run to in the midst of political, social or economic challenges.

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