Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Like in the past, l was in a dreamland with mind wondering over so many issues when a friend in the diplomat circles called and reminded me that Monday was the African International Day for all including the African Civil Society and its diaspora who were mobilizing to fight against health and social consequences of the coronavirus. This must have been an important day that went down the calendar without being celebrated, as it would have been. The result of luke-work celebrations is because of the on-going fight against the virus, which is causing havoc and terrorizing the whole world. My consolation however, is that during the commemoration, the continent draw its own agenda to mark the day and start the journey forward. They have joined African leaders to collectively face the reality that is affecting the continent. Coronavirus is a global pandemic but each union has come up with its own design in the fight against the virus. African Union led the onslaught through a number of activities and it has been a blessing and encouraging to see the continent leaders fight and make decisions collectively. This brought back vividly the slogan that Barrack Obama once used to win the American votes. “Yes it can be done” sceptic and critics alike will have something to ponder on because some of them detest anything African and who champion about the continent’s issues. They have done it before and will not stop. Some of them are supposed to be Africans but have been doctrine to talk only other unknown languages far away from their mother continents. With or without coronavirus, let us all remain who we are and articulate what is only best for us. Yes collaboration in development fields is healthy but all must be seen to be equal, and representing the wishes and will of all key players. Not to benefit only one side of divide. There are so many issues that can be continentally tackled without seeking support from abroad. This continent is rich and has all the required resources including strong and adequate manpower. It is not for us to remain being looked down upon all the time while the continent can chat its own agenda with all possible bargaining powers. This does not mean that in this part of the world, people in the continent can live in isolation of others across the globe. What is necessary even in the fight against coronavirus is the need to have equal recognition and representations on matters pertaining to human being. Time is now that Africa must be heard worldwide speaking and representing their interests together. Let the fight against this virus, which was and is not Africa’s making bring leaders of this continent together and make them have informed judgment on who should be a friend and who should not. It is wrong to be subjected inferior and be looked down upon when you have all its takes to be on the top.

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