Leprosy village get assistance from foundation

By Staff Reporter

The Country Director of Lee Tae Seok Foundation early this week donated food and assorted items to Lychok Leprosy Village for those suffering with the disease.

The Director, Mr. Kee Choon Kim, who is also the President of the Korean Community in the country, reminded the village how 17 years ago the late Fr. Dr. Lee Tae Seok, visited the leprosy village and later became part of the people until death took him away.

Kim Remembered how then many people were affected with the disease but there was no treatment until the late doctor offered his untiring service to the community. “The late Dr. Lee used to visit this village every weekend. Everyone became his friend and family member. It is now seven years after he passed on , but still his love for the village people is being continued”, Kim added.

The foundation chairman said the assistance would continue for the over 200 affected people in the village for them not to feel neglected by the society. He called on NGOs and other institutions to give a hand where possible unlike what was going on now, adding that young people in the village had organized two football teams and were seeking for assistance like balls, shoes and uniforms, in which Mr. Kim promised to provide.

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