The current legislators were appointed to serve the citizens and ensure proper service delivery in all corners of the nation. They should lead the way towards total peace and must be seen to be collectively assisting the appointing authorities manage the socio-economic affairs. They should not assume the role of being bosses but must remain servants of the people. They should not live in unknown fear but must accept their roles as leaders. Reports that some are up in arms because their payments through the banks as directed by the speaker of the national assembly had been exposed should not worry them since it had been announced and directed publicly. It is true that their kith and kin will be on their neck for help but leadership goes with responsibilities. One cannot have responsibility without knowing its consequences. The truth is that the M.Ps have been paid part of the money and more is to follow. Indeed, they cannot keep such payments to themselves without attracting the attention of the general public. What are some of them fearing and why don’t theywant the public to know what has been done to them. Why should they want to keep the truth away from the tax payers. There is no logic at all for them to keep the matter secret or black-out from the public domain. There must be transparency and accountability when dealing with public funds which the legislators took oath to protect and safeguard. As leaders, they have a right to their privacy but not what concerns or is connected to the public like the payment which has been done to them through the banks. Leaders who muscles and hide obvious public facts are not true leaders of the people. They should be audited and vetted before being engaged in other publicservices.

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