Legend urges Artists to be creative during Lockdown

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Legendry Producer Sam famously known as warlord Jehu has strongly advised artists around the country to be creative during the partial lockdown.

Most South Sudan artists have been struggling to produce songs. Some of them have only produced one hit song and faded away.

With over ten years’ experiences in music production in South Sudan, Jehu said the country’s music industry looks bright but most of the artists have not been very creative.

Having worked with majority of the artists in the country, Jehu said that it was only creativity that would take South Sudan’s music industry into an international level.

Jehu revealed to Juba Monitor that there was talent in the country but described most artists as lazy and rushes to record songs without taking their times.

“South Sudan has talent but what is killing is the lack of creativity been brought in due to laziness amongst the stars, how can an artist release a song within a week,” said Jehu

Jehu said most artists come to the studio with half-baked immature song lyrics, leaving him wondering what was on their mind.

Jehu advised the uncreative artists to borrow a leaf from legends like Wj De King, Kawaja Revolution, Meni Men, Dynamq and other artists who take time to work on their songs before releasing it out to fans.

“At this time, most artists are singing about coronavirus which is good but still creativity is needed so that people can love and appreciate what you are doing than just wasting time,” Jehu

Jehu advised that every artist should take at worst one month going through his or her song before unveiling it out to the fans.

Case Blanco a reggae artist describes Jehu as one devoted producer who not only produces music, but also lectures artists on how to do quality and creative songs.

Make good use of the internet during the lockdown is among Jehu advises, as he speaks to the artists who always come to his studio for recording and advice.

“Being creative does not mean that one should have the most expensive gears but make good use of the talent that God gave you during this lockdown”.

Jehu has worked with the region’s best artists such as Dr. Jose Chameleon, Wyre, Emmanuel Kembe, Dynamq and many others.

“Jehu will never work on any poor quality song with you, he will educate you on how to arrange your lyrics and if you can learn, you will be the best,” said Case Blanco.

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