Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

By Akol Arop Akol (Guest) 

Our leaders have to learn from other World great leaders if they really need to make records and leave a legacy behind. The old generations have gone before their time because of all  sort of injustices and poor life that affected and eliminated.

Injustices such as corruption, exploration of minority, inequality in jobs opportunities, land ownership and representation in national level leadership are all the reasons why leaders with visions rise from their backgrounds to face the odds and walk on thorns of humiliation and discrimination through narrow paths to create roads for their own people.

Such are the reasons we hope South Sudanese leaders raised up from their diversified corners to advocate for equal rights and freedom for all not for one tribe. If becoming a leader by the people, for the people, with the people and after the people is all their first objective, then they are likely to create a positive impact, that’s to mean inspiring their people, elevating poverty by boosting agricultural activities, providing financial support for the youths to start their self-employed businesses and educating the children for a bright future.

South Sudanese leaders can get a clean legacy that will make the young generation to remember them only if they stop bad practices which promote corruption, hatred, political marginalization of civilians and ethnic division and tension which cause conflict resulting into insecurity in the country specially in the rural communities.

Their good legacy will remain to be remembered only when they put the lives of their people first. How many South Sudanese are homeless, jobless, have no education, or living in poverty? They are of course many. In PoCs and refugees camps, they are living a terrible life which some cannot bear, and they wish that suffering will change one day to be able to go back where they would be having their own piece of land and a source of a living. This dream can only come to reality if the leaders accept to dialogue among themselves, solve their political difference and embrace. If they are able to take people out of current crisis, that would be a legacy.

There is no leader who can be remembered without doing something great and memorable. They should speak on behalf of their people, work hard to deliver the needed services, provide them with security such that civilians both in town and village will he able to do their agricultural and commercial activities fora living.

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