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Leer fact-finding committee in political limbo

By John Agok

The eight members of the Committee formed by the President of the Republic in a bid to investigate Leer recent insecurity have now finger-pointed at each other, accusing themselves of becoming biased in political steadfast.

The member of the National Parliament from Unity Mr. Peter Chak Yoach called on the President of the Republic to reverse the order of appointing Mr. Kuong Dak into eight members committee to investigate Leer County violence, citing the political biases of Leer constituency National MP Mr. Dak.

According to Mr. Chak Yoach, he allegedly disclosed that Mr. Dak was funding the instigated protest of youth and activists last week in Freedom hall over decrying violence in Leer County. 

Yoach called on the president to remove Mr. Kuong from the investigation fact-finding mission for the sake of impartiality.

“We learned that there is a fact-finding committee that has been formed by the President of the Republic, and there are some people who involved in youth and activist protest last week”, he told media.

“We people from Mayendit don’t want Hon. Kuong from Leer to come and investigate the incidence of insecurity in Unity State, since he himself funded the protest in Juba a week ago. We are appealing to his excellency the President to revoke the MP’s name from the Committee because you cannot be part of the problem and wanted to be part of the solution”.

When Juba Monitor contacted the press secretary in the office of Peter Manawa, the Head of the formed Fact-finding Committee who is none other than Gattick Water, he revealed that Minister Manawa has nothing to do with a claim or an appeal to remove any member from the Committee. Saying that the decision solely relies on the docket of the President of the republic who issued the order to form the committee.

“It is the prerogative of the president to remove any member of the Committee if there is a concern but not the minister Manawa heading the committee. However, the preparations are underway as expected from the investigation committee into Leer County insecurity”, Gattick said.

However several efforts made to reach Kuong Dak were futile

The eight-member committee headed by Peter Manawa will investigate the causes that claimed lives and badly destroyed properties by allegedly youths from SPLM/IO Faction and SSPDF in Unity state last week. The move was conceived to have contravened the R-ARCSS implementation.


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