Lecturers’ plea finally heard

By Glady John Taban

It is over five years since the lecturers at the public universities have been complaining of the hardship they face in the field due to low pay. But it has always been said good things come to those who wait.

The news about the plan to increase the salaries of the lecturers and the school teachers by the government has been embraced by every citizen who knows the importance of education in nation building.

Education has been the least paid profession in the country and yet it is considered as the leading field in the transformation of human beings. It is important to note that it is only education that makes us to reason and act with conscience and without it we would have no difference with animals.

Therefore, if the salaries of the lecturers are increased, it will make them to concentrate on imparting knowledge into the students which would lead to quality education in the country in the long run.

It will also reduce on the number of the teaching staff who are quitting the profession in search for better paying jobs at the Non-Government Organizations or companies. We are all aware that most lecturers at the public universities have left and crossed to private universities for better pay. Some have quit teaching completely. It is only those who have the love for this nation who have decided to remind behind to preserve the biting situation at the public universities. The professors and the lecturers at the public universities deserve the proposed salaries and nobody should be envious about it.

Education is the pillar of all developments and no country can prosper without educating its citizens. Educated citizens can contribute to the growth of the country in all sectors including health, agriculture and to have law abiding citizens, they must have gone to school to differentiate wrongs from good.

Education can act as the best tool for solving conflict if it is taken a priority to ensure all children goes to school. No child should be left behind if those in the cattle camps have the rights to go to school. We can fight the conflict by reducing on the rate of illiteracy in the country. All these would be possible if teachers are motivated through better pay because they also have families and children at school who require their financial support.

Therefore, the proposed lecturers’ salaries should materialize in order to rescue the future of education in this great country.

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